PSALM 71:18 (KJV)

Now also when I am old and greyheaded, O God, forsake me not; until I have shewed thy strength unto this generation, and thy power to every one that is to come.

God has a purpose for us at every stage of life.  However, with increased age comes increased responsibility to pass on to others the truths of God’s Word and His ways.  Not only that, but we have a responsibility to pass on to future generations exactly the principles by which this country was founded.  If we don’t speak out now, all will be lost as we are steadily ushered into the transformation of existing under a NWO.  I personally don’t want to just exist.

I have always been a person who welcomed a change in technology to make things easier.  But as time has gone by, I see that it all was nothing more than to make us dependent on man and his ways.  Our govt is now taking huge leaps to make us dependent under them so that in the end they eliminate all but two choices – serve them or serve our Lord and Savior.

 Joshua 24:15 (KJV)

And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Words of Advice

Today is the oldest you have ever been, yet it is also the youngest day you will ever be – so enjoy it while it lasts and make it count. (Unknown)

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  1. jrCarolinas says:

    Waiting for the rain to come rolling back in – darn it. I had big plans to finish things up out in the yard, but needless to say, the best made plans never materialized. Oh well, I am too tired now after running all over town with my daughter.

    I will catch up here in a few on all the latest and be back shortly.

  2. fernleygirl says:

    You’re going to love this. Translation of words from “Californian” to “Texan”.


  3. cjzak says:

    Re Duck Dynasty. Hilarious show. the recent one where they played tag on the Segways was so funny. I don’t catch the show as often as I’d like, but the ones I’ve seen are really good. I am glad they are rated so highly and the alphabet networks have to eat crow about it. Ha!

  4. cjzak says:

    Speaking of Duck Dynasty, they attended the big shindig with the Pres. and his zombie followers. I sure hope they are conservatives at heart.


  5. cabbyaz says:

    Thanks, Judy, for the wonderful opening to this thread. It is especially meaningful as, you know, I am the oldest in the Tribe. The “golden years” sort of sneaked up on me, and common tasks have become monumental ones, but I still want God to use me in any way for His glory.

    Also, the Joshua passage means a lot, too, because at an early age I said “yes” to “choose you this day whom you will serve….”

    Another familiar quote is (not a Bible verse) – “Only one life – will soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.”

  6. SueQ says:

    Hi cjzak,

    Cute pictures! If you’ve watched the show, then you realize they’re all about God , guns and family. You also realize they (the men) are not feminized. How refreshing! No wonder this show has garnered the ratings. Hope it stays that way.

  7. Troy says:

    You’re going to love this. Translation of words from “Californian” to “Texan”.


    I can’t find any flaws in that!…..hehehe :lol:

  8. Troy says:

    You also realize they (the men) are not feminized.
    Can’t stand being aroung girly men!….Not gay necessarily, but just feminized (manicure nails, perfect hair and never did a days worth of hard manual labor in their life….You know, like Barry!)….euwwww -yuk!!!

    Needless to say, most gay guys automatically fall into that category.

  9. cjzak says:

    uhoh jr. What the heck is going on down there? Now potentially dog owners being background checked in NC? Hope this doesn’t happen. I also hope Mila isn’t on the list of breeds that trigger a check if it does happen. It cannot happen. It’s too crazy. Wait, what am I saying. These are Demmies. I should know better that they have no sense and will try to make it happen. Blaah.


  10. cjzak says:

    Never mind my above link. I see the proposed bill died in committee. Thank goodness.

  11. cjzak says:

    Yep they come in all sizes and professions. The entitlement, no personal responsibility folks. I fully agree we need to help the unfortunate and I realize alcohol addiction is a disease. This shouldn’t be a taxpayer problem however..


  12. jrCarolinas says:

    cj – Yeah Rodney Moore got blasted over that little bill by angry dog owners. He claims the wording was too harsh, but that something had to be done. Yeah right, he will never garner support the way it was presented. So it got shot down before it even got off the ground. You don’t mess with NC and their dogs. :)

  13. jrCarolinas says:

    It was only for the following breeds so Mila was not included:

    Pit bull, including the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed, American Staffordshire Terrier breed, and American Pit Bull Terrier breed.

    Rottweiler, Mastiff, Chow, Perro de Presa Canario and wolf hybrids

    But it would have affected my cousin who lives 3 houses down – He has over 15 pitbull/lab mix and a couple of purebred pitbulls, one of which scares me at times.

    Here’s the bill


  14. Troy says:

    I used to work at an auto body shop that had a guard dog named Bridget that was half pit bull and boxer…..She would come up and want to be petted which was fine, but if you stopped petting her you’d better watch out because she’d bite the crap out of ya!….I ignored her, which was ok because she’d allow that…..Psycho dog!!!

  15. cjzak says:

    I must say that Mr. Moore sort of had a point though. The dog fighters, drug dealers and gang members here in my area, have used pit bulls and rotties for years as protection against their enemies and the police. They should all be strung up by the short hairs for what they’ve done to those beautiful animals. Too bad they wouldn’t be the ones targeted for the checks, just the law abiding gun owners.

    My nephew has an American bulldog–not a pit but in the bulldog family. Remi is a big, big boy and he has a very fierce growl. But he is a sweetheart. I wouldn’t mess with him but he has never bitten or gone after any person. When he plays with a toy, he tries to keep it away from you by holding it with his front paws and putting his head down over it. Then he growls and it sounds really mean and nasty but it is his way of playing. I would never try to take it away, but he gives it to my nephew… eventually. He has a tail that is long and thin and feels like a whip when it hits you because he wags it so hard when he greets you. Funny, sweet boy, but I am not entirely unafraid of him. I don’t let Gus anywhere near him as they are both unneutered. Gus wouldn’t have any idea how to defend himself.

  16. cjzak says:

    Oh my gosh Troy, Bridget must have been tough to work around. Hope they kept her away from everyone. So sad she never got to be socialized, but then some dogs are unfortunately just plain crazy. Kind of like liberals.

  17. Troy says:

    “Some dogs are unfortunately just plain crazy. Kind of like liberals.”
    By golly, I think you just coined a new quote and a damn good one at that!!!

  18. cjzak says:

    Why thank you. I think. Completely inadvertent.

  19. cjzak says:

    Must be nice to be the King. He is having the time of his life. No worries about the rest of us he’s was hired (by the clueless and the cowards) to lead. Yep sure must be fun.


  20. jrCarolinas says:

    I am asking for another very important prayer request – not for me but for my daughter’s fiance. Some of you may remember me saying he was having a hard time finding a job in this area. Well he finally found something part time but it was only working at Papa John’s pizza. Not the greatest paying job, but tips are OK, not to mention the wear and tear on my truck which he is having to use until he can get a decent job and get his own vehicle, because his clunker is just that – a clunker. None of the major factories have been hiring. Actually they laid off over 100 employees at the Bosch plant (they make those very expensive appliances) while they updated their facilities to expand and they all got hired back on just a few weeks ago. Well my daughter’s fiance is going for an interview tomorrow for 3rd shift full time employment with benefits at the plant. Please say a prayer, if it be the Lord’s will, to let him get the job. This job will be perfect for him as he is enrolled for the fall semester at the community college to get re-certified as an EMT since NC would not accept his national certification. That way if the plant lays off he will have another career he can fall back on if necessary. He has been here going on 2 yrs basically without employment. So I would appreciate a little extra prayer power. :)

  21. Troy says:

    Judy, he’s going to get the job….I know it! :D

  22. jrCarolinas says:

    ‘Obama hates Internet news media’
    NBC bigwig admits president’s anger ‘clear’ at correspondents’ dinner


    The “truth” hurts

  23. jrCarolinas says:

    Troy, hope you are right because they are getting married come next June and I sure as heck am not paying for another wedding.

  24. jrCarolinas says:

    Been a while since we have seen the Heyoka videos – thanks for re-posting Troy

  25. Troy says:

    See y’all tomorrow. :)

  26. jrCarolinas says:

    Obama doubles down on failed budget strategy

    In his weekly address, President Obama promised Americans “pain” unless his budget is accepted


  27. jrCarolinas says:

    The Snows of Rainier

    Professor Don Easterbrook from Western Washington University gave a devastating testimony before a Washington State Senate Committee against the belief that human induced CO2 is causing global warming. He opened up his presentation by criticizing media bias and the politicization of science through climate change, and said the planet is getting cooler rather than warmer.


    I can believe it – this is the coldest spring I have seen in many a year

  28. jrCarolinas says:

    Night Troy

  29. jrCarolinas says:

    US health leader warns of human-to-human H7N9 bird flu


    Lord help us if this mess does pass from human to human. They also say there appears to be no cure because things like Tamiflu, etc. do not work on it. Looks like the pale horse of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse is ready to ride.

  30. jrCarolinas says:

    Cabby just saw your post above re: but I still want God to use me in any way for His glory. Well I am almost 20 yrs behind you, but I feel that way too. There are days I struggle to do for myself as well, but if there is some way the Lord can use me to bring others to his fold I always seem to find the energy. And AMEN to your quote.

  31. cjzak says:

    This was an epic rant and not to be missed. Hooorah for this fine lady judge. She hit every yes button in my world. I agree with every single thing she said and pc be damned. Good for her!


  32. fernleygirl says:

    Consider it done.

  33. fernleygirl says:

    SueQ says:
    April 28, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    Respectfully fernleygirl…..as I know I am a newcommer here……

    Matthew 15:11
    “That which enters into the mouth doesn’t defile the man; but that which proceeds out of the mouth, this defiles the man.”
    What did I say that prompted this comment?

  34. fernleygirl says:

    Nothing we don’t know, or live with every day, but it’s interesting to see the numbers:


  35. SueK says:

    Ya know, some people go through life searching for their purpose and asking ‘Why am I here?’ Many never find the answer; I have. It’s not something I sat down and noodled one day rather, I just looked at my life and it was right there.

    As far back as I can remember (and more so in the last 10 years), I have taken in animals no one wants; the most unwanted of the unwanteds. These critters are from shelters and rescues in the New England area and I seem to gravitate toward the misfits and throwaways, or perhaps they gravitate towards me? While many are adopted, there are some who languish with no homes and no love.

    These are the ones I adopt.

    My home currently contains a bonded pair of rabbits who were in foster care for over two years; no one had even made an appointment to meet them. I did.

    Next, I have a pair of guinea pigs, adopted separately for the same rescue in Vermont; yes, I will travel! Tha matriarch of my female’s former family told her kids that she ‘didn’t want that animal in her house.’ Well, I certainly wanted her in mine! Her mate’s former situation before going into the rescue was a very small pen with no human interaction. In the rescue, he got very few hits on his Petfinder page until I called; again, no one had even wanted to meet him.

    I will most likely lose my little lady tomorrow; her time on Earth is nearing the end. This little hamster was discovered in a dumpster in Boston last *February* with 13 cage mates. Some kind soul dropped a dime and a local shelter retrieved them. There’s a special place in hell for the person who did this; I guess it was too much trouble to call a shelter who would’ve taken the lot, no questions asked. She has had a wonderful year with me and although I’m heartbroken to be losing her, I take comfort in the fact that I’ve given her a very happy life.

    So, that’s my purpose. That’s why I’m here. I will continue to do what I do until I can do it no more. That’s exactly what He wants me to do….

  36. jrCarolinas says:

    SueK – I have read over the years of your posts on CW’s and Aussie’s sight re: your babies. Sorry that you are getting ready to lose another one of these little creatures. God will definitely bless you for what you do for them. All my critters except one are rescue animals. I have 3 dogs and 4 kitties and I do for them before I even do for myself.

    Thanks Fernley for your prayers.

  37. SueQ says:

    fernleygirl says:
    April 28, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    SueQ says:
    April 28, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    Respectfully fernleygirl…..as I know I am a newcommer here…

    Matthew 15:11
    “That which enters into the mouth doesn’t defile the man; but that which proceeds out of the mouth, this defiles the man.”
    What did I say that prompted this comment?
    Possibly nothing. But my understanding was that you posted this comment immediately before mine. If I was incorrect , I apologize.

    fernleygirl says:
    April 28, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    One more thing. I don’t remember where I read it, but someone said

    “You are what you eat, ATE.”

  38. SueK says:

    Thanks, Judy; Monday’s gonna be rough. I am taking the day off.

    Thank you, too, for what you do; it’s important.

    Prayers going up right now for your daughter’s fiance; I know he’ll get the job!

  39. fernleygirl says:


    Critters have been showing up in my life for over 40 years now (some literally showed up on my doorstep), and I’ve never turned one away. I take in the broken, ill, and dying. Heartache and joy, all rolled into one, but once they come home with me they are here until the end.

  40. jrCarolinas says:

    SueK – Whenever I was about to lose a pet, I would always take the day off as well from work when I worked (I am now retired). I have lost 3 dogs and 3 birds over the last couple of years and each one broke my heart. So to heal that pain, I go to rescue others that need love and care. Like Troy said, we are ALL animal lovers here on this blog. Thank you also for the prayers. I will be on my knees tonight because he is a good man and has gotten the short end of the stick for the last several years since he left Kansas as an EMT to come to NC to be with my daughter.

  41. cynkading says:

    Well, someone has been busy today….. :) I went to Sunday School, morning worship, out for lunch, a little siesta, back to church for evening services and I feel like I have been gone for a month. going to read the posts and will be back in a few……

  42. fernleygirl says:

    You are what you eat *ate* refered to GMO feed for cattle, chickens, etc. There’s lots of food out there that’s labeled in a way to mislead the consumer. I had posted two links about GMO’s prior. Corn-fed beef…not so good for us if the corn is GMO.
    I wouldn’t have be quoting, but what the quote meant was:
    Do you know what kind of feed was used for the meat you want to buy?

  43. jrCarolinas says:

    I read the other day an article, maybe it was one you posted Fernley, that now they are saying chickens and hamburger are the worst meats you can eat. Oh well, that seems to be all I can afford so I know that I am being affected by GMO’s. I am soooooooo glad summer is approaching so I can at least put up some veggies that I am growing and will be getting from the farm. Of course, all those seeds are probably GM’d as well.

  44. cynkading says:

    Judy, It will be my pleasure to pray for your future son-in-law. I too believe he will get this job.

  45. fernleygirl says:

    There’s a rancher just 30 miles away from me that raises GMO, antibiotic and hGH-free beef. There are folks that create a buying club so they can buy a whole cow……..the cheapest way to buy. Maybe your fellow parishioners could do the same.

    You can find links to safe local food here:


  46. cynkading says:

    SueK, you are blessing to the fur babies that are in your care. Yes, you will be rewarded for your love for God’s animals.

  47. cabbyaz says:

    Prayers for your son-in-law re. job opening! God opens a way when there seems to be no way!

    So sad to hear about the situation with your dear hamster! She has had the time of her life under your loving care. Prayers for you, too, at this rough time of loss. It surely isn’t easy!

  48. SueK says:

    fernleygirl @ 8:03

    Yes, I seem to recall that from the days at CW’s. …and you’re right-they’re with us until the end.

    Those who come to my door who cannot come in (two feral cats, skunks, a very large raccoon, and a Virginia ‘possum) are tended to outside. My Mom always said ‘If it comes and it’s hungry, feed it!’ So, in her memory, I do!

    You’re right: Heartache and joy all rolled into one however, the joy is magnified because we helped them, no matter the outcome. It will always be that way!

  49. SueQ says:

    Sorry fernley,

    I have many of the same concerns that you do about GMO. I don’t like it! But it seems to me that it is akin to the early Christians wondering whether they were eating meat sacrificed to idols. They couldn’t be sure when they went to the marketplace what they were purchasing. God told them to just give thanks to Him and eat. That was all I meant

  50. cjzak says:

    Sue you are an angel. Those little creatures had a chance for love and a good home because of you. I never had the chance to have any pet but my wonderful doggies, but I can appreciate an animal lover all the time. I wish I could take more in but it isn’t something the rest of the people living in my house would be gung-ho about. In my heart I love all God’s creatures and am so glad He chose to put people like you and jr and Fernley and others here to help take care of the little abandoned orphans. Thank you.

  51. cjzak says:

    jr praying for your future son in law. I agree with Troy. I just have a good feeling about his chances. Sounds like he has been through alot.

  52. cjzak says:

    With the GMO foods I worry so much about my grandkids. I know my son tries to be careful what they eat, but when they go out to eat or go to others homes and school they will get some of this. Most people do not realize the dangers we may be facing. It is an unknown and we are the guinea pigs(sorry SueK) in this story. If people were aware how much gmos have infiltrated the food supply and boycott the stuff, then we might get a change. But as usual, the majority of the public is clueless and the msm doesn’t help either. I try to stay away from them as much as I can, but it is getting harder to do.

  53. SueK says:

    April 28, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    Agreed, Judy; I will take Monday off. I always opt for a ‘final exam’ to make sure I’m making the right decision. As you know, it’s hard and never gets any easier.

    I’m pretty much at capacity critter-wise right now, and will hold off on another, at least for now. I only adopt those I can house *comfortably.*

    And your future son-in-law will dazzle ‘em; this will be a positive step towards a brighter future when he gets this job :).

  54. SueK says:

    Thank you, cyn and cj.

    As I said, this is a calling, of sorts, and it’s not something I consciously chose to do; it was just there!

    There are many out there who do the same thing; a lot of my friends run rescues and others network for shelters. The critter community here in the Northeast is very strong.

    When I retire, I plan to adopt either a pup or a cat, both of which I’m allergic to, but I don’t care. If I’m needed, I’m there.

    Thanks for your good thoughts. I’ll sign off for now and try to get some rest; Monday will be a bear.

    G’night, all.

  55. jrCarolinas says:

    Thank all of you so much for your encouraging words and prayers. I am going to believe that he will indeed get this job, I mean gee, how can he not with all your prayers :)

  56. cynkading says:

    All of the Franken food has had me concerned as well. (especially my children and grands) I just try to do the best that I can and let the Lord handle the rest. I believe it is going to come down to us relying on Him more and more as the govt. destroys the healthcare system for all. I did happen to listen to the Lindsey Williams vid up thread and I believe the total healthcare system will collapse. I told my husband on the way to church tonight that if planned parenthood are the ones calling the shots for us all and that is what Lindsey Williams stated. That they will be the ones making our health care decisions. Makes perfect sense. They are already in place. I will not allow them to call the shots on my healthcare decisions and I will just have to let God do the healing or if it is not his will than to die is gain. I will get to be with Him. I have not had health insurance since 1999. The Lord is good to me and I have certainly had some health challenges but he has seen me through. I rarely go to the doctor and when I do I pay in cash.

  57. jrCarolinas says:

    Fernley thanks for that link on the safe foods – I found a farm only 45 mins from me so I am going to check them out. Then maybe I can get a few folks to come together and we can purchase some in bulk. Thank You Thank You :)

  58. jrCarolinas says:

    Also, discovered on their website they deliver to New Bern at our local Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. So I just have to call in an order and they will deliver.

  59. jrCarolinas says:

    cynka – I am afraid before all is said and done under zerocare, none of us will have any health insurance because we won’t be able to afford it. The only way the IRS can collect on a penalty is if they owe you any money after you file taxes thereby taking it. So just change your W4 whereby they don’t owe you, but maybe pennies and then they are screwed and tattooed.

  60. jrCarolinas says:

    Well tribe, I am calling it a night as well. Catch you all tomorrow.

  61. fernleygirl says:

    No late-night news tonight, I’m pooped. See y’all tomorrow!

  62. Dora says:

    Good Morning Everyone. Yesterday we had beautiful weather on Long Island and I had a fine day.

    Tom and I went to my cousin’s house, where he and his wife had a ‘Never Too Late For St. Patrick’s Day Party’. The invitation they sent was printed in Irish with an English translation. See I’m not the only nutty one in my family. They said that the weather was better in April than it was in March, but I think they were still getting adjusted to their new little boy who was born in October. Whatever the reason, the party was fun. Everyone wore green, there was Irish music, plenty of food – including home made Irish Soda Bread – and it was great spending the day with my cousins again.

    It was also great being away from the news for an entire day.

  63. Dora says:

    Thank you jr for your explanation of Polk salad (last thread). Once I started reading your definition, I remembered that in the beginning of the song, Elvis tried to tell the audience what it was. I found the lyrics, but I couldn’t find his performance on you tube.

    Polk Salad Anne Lyrics
    Some of you all never been down South too much…
    I’m gonna tell you a little story, so you’ll understand what I’m talking about
    Down there we have a plant that grows out in the woods and the fields,
    and it looks something like a turnip green.
    Everybody calls it Polk salad. Now that’s Polk salad.
    Used to know a girl that lived down there and
    she’d go out in the evenings to pick a mess of it…
    Carry it home and cook it for supper, ’cause that’s about all they had to eat,
    But they did all right.

    Maybe one of his old shows which includes his performance will be on television. It is well worth watching. I miss Elvis.

  64. Dora says:

    jr – I just noticed your request. Add my prayers for your future son-in-law to all the others. With so many prayers going his way from the Heyokas, I am sure he will get this job.

  65. Dora says:

    Look at the size of this thing. If only there was a way to sneak one under obama’s pillow. :-)

    New tarantula from Sri Lanka is as big as your face ­ and venomous, too


  66. budgy60 says:

    Here you go Dora. :D

  67. budgy60 says:

    That tarantula is a scary looking dude and I won’g be volunteering to put it under his pillow.

    Jr..Prayers being sent up for your son in law to get the job as well as my wishes of good luck..

  68. budgy60 says:

    lol need an edit button this morning. Not sure what the heck “won’g” is but should be won”t.

  69. budgy60 says:

    Explosion in Prague. They’re saying it was caused by gas.


  70. budgy60 says:

    Obama’s oil drilling policies and what happen


  71. jrCarolinas says:

    Morning Tribe – RAIN RAIN GO AWAY – Today we get the drenching so Mila gets to spend the day on the back porch to keep her out of her “mud” wholes :)

    Dora sounds like you had a great time and am glad you were able to distance yourself from the outside world for a few hours. Yummy, soda bread. I haven’t had any in ages.

    And thank you Dora and Budgy for the extra prayers.

    Hmmmm well that explosion in Prague may have been just an accident, but with Russia spilling the beans about the bombers who knows what someone did to really cause it. So many things are taking place around the entire world that are injuring and killing people in masses – always makes me suspicious especially in this day and age.

    I read on Fox that they now are giving food stamps for pets – about time is all I can say. Maybe it will help those owners who would otherwise put their pets out on the streets and let them fend for themselves.


    Wish I could get some help with pet food – mine eat me out of house and home. I ran out of kitty food yesterday so I ran to the Food Lion and was surprised that Friskies was on sale with my MVP card 10 cans for $4.50. Since I use only one can divided 4 ways for the kitties it will last 10 more days. Of course they are picky when it comes to Friskies and only like the Pate. For some reason they won’t eat the chunky stuff – except Soks of course and you all know he eats anything by his size. Poor baby fell off of his feeding table this morning and landed on his back. He’s OK but it sure scared him, me TOO.

  72. jrCarolinas says:

    Budgy – zero is against drilling for oil because then that will mean his push of electric cars and now buses will come to a screeching halt; not to mentioning the padding of his pockets.

  73. jrCarolinas says:

    Since I can’t post over at CW’s he better be wary of copyright issues with FS cutting and pasting entire articles from other sites. It takes away from the hits these other sites get and is not fair to them. That’s why we do snippets and many times just the header line and the URL. We want to give credit where credit is due.

  74. jrCarolinas says:

    Obama’s Damaging Admission

    Buried deep within President Obama’s $3.77 trillion budget is a tiny little proposal to increase Medicaid spending by $360 million. …..But this 0.01 percent is worth mentioning, because it proves the president’s health-care law will not work.


  75. cjzak says:

    Morning! On a break so checking the news. Not much today which can be good or bad I guess.

    This is a truly telling picture. One loves America and connects to his military totally. The other is on the outside, doesn’t like America very much and will never have this connection to his military. Such a good picture.


  76. cynkading says:

    Morning all,

    Going to work in my flower bed shortly. Yea sunshine today….. :)

    Hamid Karzai Gets Bags Full Of U.S. Taxpayer $$, Tens Of Millions Worth, Courtesy Of The CIA


  77. cynkading says:

    Sorry Cj, I did not refresh before posting. Did not mean to step on your toes…….

  78. Katie says:

    A few weeks ago, we attended the ground breaking ceremony for a Homes For Our Troops event. This amazing organization builds and donates a $500K home, especially built for each individual veteran to accommodate their special needs. Many of them are double amputees, and being around a half a dozen guys who have artificial legs will get your priorities straight.

    I’ve been wondering if some of them will be visiting the victims of the Boston attack. I will bet if you asked these people who got more out of the visit, it will be a tie. Paying it forward helps everyone.

  79. Dora says:

    budgy – I don’t know why I couldn’t find that video. Each time I looked it up I was lead to the site with the lyrics. I thought it had to do with copyright issues.

    That performance you posted sure does jolt my memory. Back in those days – when I was young and carefree – my friends and I would travel to Las Vegas every year just to see Elvis. We spent a week there every August in 1970, 71 and 72 and we’d attend as many performances as we could get reservations for. I believe I was at the performance in the video. I say that because I remember the outfit. Those 2 bottom chains on his shirt broke and were hanging down by the end of the concert because of his shaking around. Wow! What a show he put on. I have already watched the video 3 times. :-)

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  80. SueQ says:

    Good morning ladies,

    I don’t know how reliable this site is but….

    Federal Reserve Refuses to Submit to an Audit of Germany’s Gold Held in U.S. Vaults


  81. jrCarolinas says:

    SueQ – Fernley gave us a heads up on this a while back and I believe it was in regards to Germany wanting to do it or had done it. But I guess now the Fed Reserve has made their decision. HMMMMMMM me thinks the gold is NOT there anymore.

  82. Katie says:

    No matter how bad the news, our love for our critters sustains us. SueK, I wish we could make this day easier for you, and I just shake my head at how much love a tiny little creature can bring to you. Big or small, we love ‘em awful.

    This will make you all smile.

  83. jrCarolinas says:

    Katie – I LOVE IT – How true, nothing beats a kiss from your best friend – A DOG

  84. jrCarolinas says:

    SueK – Ditto on what Katie said. I do hope things turn out for the best, but God’s will be done.

  85. jrCarolinas says:

    U.S. delivers strong warning to Israel
    Amid fears Iran about to cross so-called red line

    Chuck Hagel delivered a strongly worded message to Israel – do not attack Iran.

    The officials told WND that Hagel informed the Israeli government the Obama administration will not accept any unilateral Israeli attack against Iran and that Israel must not strike Tehran without coordination with the U.S.


    While I don’t want to see a full blown war erupt – who in the hello does the US (zero) think he is telling Israel not to do anything without coordinating with the US. Sorry, but I think this is wrong and if I were Bibi I would tell zero/Hagel – stuff it. They have every right to protect themselves.

  86. Dora says:

    Obama budget would order all workers not enrolled in a tax-deferred retirement account to get one.

    Requiring private citizens to engage in a specific form of commerce is a new and pernicious abuse of government power. Most conservatives understand the need for some – even as they try to limit it – government encroachments in the form of taxes, regulations of economic behavior, and dictates in the name of national security. But telling you what you must do, as opposed to providing limited controls on what you do so that you don’t harm others and even perhaps yourself, is a brave new world.


  87. SueK says:

    Hi All,

    She is gone.

    She passed very quickly; it was her time.

    Thank you all for your compassion and empathy; I’ll be back later.

  88. cjzak says:

    so sorry SueK. It is an awfully difficult thing to have to go through. Hugs from the Heyoka gang.

  89. cjzak says:

    This is waaay scary. I think we are being overun with these lunatics and they are taking everything from us. How does the military put up with these orders from the treasonous upper brass? Wow we need some change asap.


  90. SueQ says:

    So sorry SueK.

  91. Katie says:

    SueK – all I can say is you’re going to have quite the reunion at Rainbow Bridge. Long distance hugs coming your way…

    Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

    When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.

    There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
    There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

    All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

    The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

    They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

    You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

    Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together….

    Author Unknown

  92. jrCarolinas says:

    SueK – I am so sorry for your loss of yet another one of your babies. Like Katie says what a reunion you will have with all of them. I too look forward to that day on Rainbow Bridge to see all of the ones now gone, running and scampering towards me. OH What A DAY THAT WILL BE and the joy will flood our hearts and theirs too.

  93. fernleygirl says:

    Even when we know it’s time, we always hope for a different outcome. So sad for you. Hugs.

  94. fernleygirl says:

    You hardly even need to read the article. Just take a look at the chart at the end…..it’s UGLY.


  95. Dora says:

    Gosnell Attorney Closes: No Evidence Babies Alive When Necks Snipped
    But defense attorney Jack McMahon said the babies Gosnell killed in an abortion process involving their live birth and eventual “snipping” of their necks and spinal cords were dead before they were actually born. He claimed any movement staffers saw after the fact was involuntary or reflexive and not an indication they were still alive after birth.


    I’d like to know why Gosnell had to snip off their necks and spinal cords if the babies were already dead. I hope someone asks that in the jury room.

  96. cynkading says:

    SueK Big hug to you……

  97. SueQ says:

    Dora at April 29, 2013 at 2:35 pm

    I have heard the gruesome details of this trial, and at certain points, I have to turn it off. It takes my breath away. I just fall to my knees. How can one go on living a “normal life”, knowing these barbaric acts are taking place?

  98. Dora says:

    I agree 100% SueQ. I can’t listen to all the details either. It is much too sad and gruesome. I can’t understand either how people merely go about their business and just ignore this case and the others like it. And there are others – many of them!

  99. Dora says:

    I’m not sure if people are born this stupid or if they learn it along the way.

    We’re screwed: Cong. Dems fear that climate change will drive women to prostitution


  100. Dora says:

    I said that I knew there were other cases, but I didn’t expect to come across one so soon. And this is in NY too. Shame!

    Lila Rose and her ground-breaking investigative team at Live Action have released yet another whistle-blowing undercover video showing that accused serial baby-killer Kermit Gosnell’s barbaric actions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the murder of live babies under the guise of abortion.

    Watch, weep, and spread the word:

    ‘Flush it’: Live Action undercover video shows abortion counselor advocating infanticide


  101. cjzak says:

    Of course it’s not the Dr. who is one of the bad guys. Nope. It’s the reporters who are exposing the whole thing. Typical. No responsibility for one’s actions no matter how blatant they are. Wow.

    There is not one time when an abortion is done that it isn’t an act of violence to the baby. This whole trial has brought to light the evil that was unleashed in America when Roe v Wade was passed and legitimized by the SC. God knows and will not stand by and see these little ones destroyed without doing something. I fear what He has in store for America.


  102. fernleygirl says:

    No way to verify, but I’ve been keeping up with information on Japan since Fuku happened. I would not be surprised if this is true. I think Mr. & Mrs. Watanabe would be left behind, though. The TEPCO executives and the government will jump ship first.

    C & P from TFMR:

    Tokyo Evacuation…
    Submitted by pforth on April 29, 2013 – 2:28pm.

    I’ve read several blogs that state that Fukushima is worse than is publicly known, but today I got information from a source that has been speaking directly with high level Japanese officials about it. Apparently the problem is so bad that much of Tokyo, Japan and even parts of mainland China will have to be evacuated…and soon. The news is going to be suppressed for another 6 months, then everyone will know. I’m a little shaken up. It’s one thing reading an internet blog about this, but it’s altogether different when someone tells you this directly. Sure hope this is wrong… it makes gold and silver manipulation pale in comparison.

  103. SueK says:

    fernleygirl @ 5:58 PM

    Hi fernley,

    Not sure about Tokyo, but I can tell you that the event at Fukushima was a lot worse than what had been reported.

    I’m in the radiation game and as soon as we saw the names of isotopes that were coming out of those power plants, we knew we had either a partial or a full meltdown of the reactor cores happening. This was indeed the case, although TEPCO didn’t fess up until much later.

    We and other locations across the U.S. tracked the radiation plume coming across and yes, it did come; we were monitoring the air and water (and later, crops, soil, etc.) and getting hits on our instruments for isotopes we never see unless there’s an event. The levels were low enough so as to not cause any physical effects however, the radiation was there; I can gurantee that.

    Thanks for this info; I will keep posted on it through our sources and post anything of interest.

    Thank you (and thank you all) for your comments about my little one; she’s at rest in the garden now. She’ll always be with me. I will see her again.

  104. jrCarolinas says:

    Fernley, I would not be surprised at all if that were true. I personally believe that the US is also experiencing problems because of it as well.

  105. jrCarolinas says:

    Well I should have refreshed before I posted. SueK – even though the radiation levels were low, are they still lingering so to speak in the US?????? If so, what impact does constantly being exposed to them do over time??????

  106. SueK says:

    Hi Judy,

    Some linger, while some do not. It depends on what the ‘half life’ of the isotope is. This is the time it takes for one half of the concentration to decay. Iodine-131 has a half life of just 8 days, so it leaves quickly. It is a product of nuclear fission and we saw a lot of it in the first few weeks following Fukushima.

    Strontium-90, on the other hand, has a half life of 28.8 years, and Plutonium-239 has a half life of 24,110 years.

    From our monitoring since Fukushima, we’re not finding anything out of the ordinary that would cause concern. Everyone talks about Potassium-40 (K-40), which is everywhere on the planet; we live with it, just as we live with a ton of bacteria every day. Ever enjoy a banana? There’s your K-40 right there; its half life is 1.26 *billion* years, so it’s always been around and will continue to be around. This is not harmful to us however, a banana will set off a Geiger-Mueller counter to the amazement of anyone watching.

    So, go ahead and eat your banana :)

  107. Katie says:

    SueK – I guess we could call those “high capacity bananas”. Congress needs to make a law that requires background checks to buy bananas. /sarc

    “The CEO of Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania has been caught lying about whether her abortion business know of the horrors that took place at Kermit Gosnell’s abortion facility in her area. A pro-life blog uncovered the discrepancies today.”


  108. cjzak says:

    How the heck are they going to evacuate all those people? Yikes. You would think the countries over there and the USA would be trying to help out. Surely our guys know and I cannot believe the Chinese wouldn’t know too. Wow I hope this isn’t true. Better do some more prepping and grab the money in the banks. The whole market and everything else will crash if this is true. Maybe this is what all the govt. military prep is about.

  109. cjzak says:

    Well I have a banana almost everyday. I wonder if I glow at night?

  110. cjzak says:

    This regime is disgusting Katie. And what’s worse, they no longer try to hide it. I wonder if Fox will keep this story on the front burner since their reporter broke it originally. I sure hope so.

  111. SueK says:


    I sure as h*ll do; I get nuked on a daily basis….

  112. jrCarolinas says:

    Thanks SueK – that makes me feel better – I think :) All except for the bananas – which I love, but they don’t love me – heartburn city.

  113. jrCarolinas says:

    Well I am going to go read for a while. I started book 3 today of my new series about biblical archaeology, etc, etc. that I told you all about. They are so good I finish them in just 2 nights. Will check in periodically.

  114. cjzak says:

    SueK, Maybe we won’t need electricity if we eat enough bananas. Better pass that around to our friends and family. There, we solved the energy crisis and it’s about as green as you could get.

  115. cjzak says:

    Excellent commentary on our unfortunate ties with the Saudis. Good stuff.


  116. cjzak says:

    First article is the one I am referring to. “Bad Moon”.

  117. jrCarolinas says:

    cj – I corrected your link on the Belgian weatherman as you did not have the full link and also corrected for you the link to “Bad Moon” so it would go directly to the article instead of the home page of homelandsecurityus.com because that article will disappear from the home page and folks will have to search for it.

  118. cynkading says:

    This is a fly by…….sooo tired…I have worked all day outside in flower beds. I have a new rock garden complete with red mulch and pompas ( spelling?) grass plants. I also thinned out some monkey grass and planted some in another new bed. :) Going to bed soon. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  119. cynkading says:

    HUGE: Benghazi whistleblower says admin is lying, multiple assets could have aided our guys by 2nd attack


  120. cynkading says:

    Here Comes The Race Card: Gosnell Attorney Says Doctor Was Targeted Because He’s Black


  121. cjzak says:

    Thanks jr. Not sure why I did those wrong. Not paying attention I guess.

    I have not heard of this guy before. This is great and I wish him all the luck in the world. He has so much going against him with the courts but he might just get there. Hope I post this link right!


  122. cjzak says:

    Bilderburg intrigue anyone? Not sure who this guy was, but apparently he met with a suspicious fate because he might have been an annoyance to that group or part of it anyway. Reminds me of Breitbart. Unproveable but suspicious non the less.


  123. cjzak says:

    Ok last link from me tonight. I’ve been all over the net looking at stories and there are alot of good ones tonight.

    This is another one about the Benghazi situation and the giant cover up that is being attempted by our dear leader’s minions.


  124. cabbyaz says:

    This is probably not news to you, but I heard Dana Loesch tonight say that CO is now offering in-state tuition rates to illegal students, even though it is in violation of federal law. Wow, CO is really going rogue these days, and I know it is a source of great concern to you folks.

  125. Katie says:

    Yes, cabby. AND driver’s license to illegals, AND same day registration to vote. Same sex marriages start at midnight tomorrow, and you know the pot story, and the gun control issues.

    CO is lost. And the fallout has barely begun. I can’t tell you how many financially secure people I know who are looking for a new home outside of the state. It’s heartbreaking.

  126. fernleygirl says:

    cj said:
    I’ve been all over the net looking at stories and there are alot of good ones tonight.
    Not much going on in the markets, either. Almost too quiet. I got *nuthin’*.

  127. fernleygirl says:

    And now we know why the government is recruiting food stamp recipients:


    JP Morgan has made at least 560 million dollars processing Electronic Benefits Transfer cards.


    But the alternative scares the living daylights out of our politicians. When nations such as Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy tried to slow down the rate at which their debts were rising, the results were absolutely devastating. A full-blown economic depression is raging across southern Europe and it is rapidly spreading into northern Europe. Eventually it will spread to the rest of the globe as well.

    The following are 20 signs that the next Great Depression has already started in Europe…

    #1 The unemployment rate in France has surged to 10.6 percent, and the number of jobless claims in that country recently set a new all-time record.

  128. Dora says:

    Good Morning All. I’ve become very disappointed in Gov. Christie. I don’t even know why I once admired him so much. I guess I liked the way he talked back to the reporters. My favorable impression of him changed completely during Hurricane Sandy when he was appearing all over television with obama. I thought he was buttering up to barry because he needed federal funds for New Jersey. But that was six months ago. Yesterday he was doing interviews again claiming that obama ‘has kept every promise he’s made” about helping the state recover from Superstorm Sandy. Now that’s ridiculous. Other than a few photo-ops, barry didn’t do anything at all to help the state.

    People say that Christie needs democrat voters in order to get reelected in November. He may get them, but he has lost his self-respect.


  129. Dora says:

    Obama’s National-Security Fraud

    The administration’s Boston explanations don’t add up.

    Steered by its Gitmo Bar veterans and Lawyer Left compass, the Obama administration is executing a massive national-security fraud: the farce that the jihad against America can be judicialized, that civilian-court processes are a better answer to enemy warfare than are combat protocols.


  130. Dora says:

    The Netherlands makes good on its promise to end multiculturalism.

    The Dutch government says it will abandon the long-standing model of multiculturalism that has encouraged Muslim immigrants to create a parallel separatist society within the Netherlands. The Netherlands, where 6% of the population is Muslim, is scrapping multiculturalism and most of the taxpayer-funded benefits to immigrant ingrates that it demands.


  131. Dora says:

    These days I don’t know what’s true, what’s false and what is a joke. Surely this is a joke, right? No it is not. It’s really happening. I don’t know why anyone would ever visit California again.

    California Unveils “Homeless Bill of Rights”, Right to Public Urination

    The official alternative name for Assembly Bill 5 is the “Homeless Bill of Rights”, but a real alternative name for it might be the “Make California Towns and Cities into Public Toilets” bill.


  132. jrCarolinas says:

    Morning All – The first thing I saw when I turned on TV this morning was George S. getting ready to interview that basketball player who is coming out. Sounds like they are making a big production out of it. SICK, SICK

    Then I see the exchange between Cabby and Katie on CO and thought just how many more states are going to follow in those footsteps. We are living in a world that is following satan and turning away from God. Beware – God WILL pour out his wrath upon America. We are beginning to see the falling away take place and the next thing on the agenda is for the man of lawlessness to be revealed – for that day (the day of the Lord) shall not come, except there come a falling away first. The only thing is we don’t know the timetable. It could be soon or still years away. But the thing is IT IS COMING and is much closer than it has ever been because I do believe America is the last stronghold and once brought down on all fronts will open the door. It is already creaking open.

  133. SueQ says:

    Good morning Judy,

    Appreciate your insight. The great falling away (I suspect) will revolve around acceptance of the homosexual agenda. Seems to be the final straw in God’s book.

    Many church denominations are beginning to dig in their heels……….either pro and con.


  134. SueQ says:

    Should have said………pro or con.

  135. SueQ says:


    Jason Collins, who just announced he’s gay, is featured on the cover of Sports Illustraited. Are they going to feature him in the swim suit issue? This world has gotten crazy!

  136. Katie says:

    Keep in mind that pressure is building on Benghazi, Boston, and Gosnell, among other things, so this whole gay athlete thing is just a way to distract. No one will ever convince me that this wasn’t scheduled for the same day as the release of Tebow.

    Here’s something to look at if you know anyone who needs to learn the magnificence of the Constitution.


  137. cynkading says:



    I agree. I would have never believed in my life time that the homos would be so promoted and favored. We have lost our moral compass in this country and we are headed for judgement.

    Abbas: Palestinians who kill Jews cannot be punished


  138. cynkading says:

    I am so ashamed that this honorable man is being treated this way……


    Kansas School Refuses to Allow Airman on Leave from Afghanistan to Escort Sister to Prom (Video)


  139. cynkading says:

    I should have said was. My thoughts and my typing are not in co-ordinated effort today. Going back out in the flower beds today. We are expecting some weather in the mid to high 30′s on Thursday and Friday. I am trying to get some things done before I am housebound….


  140. cjzak says:

    Morning all! I cannot believe anyone in the public, other than gays, gives a flying fig that any athletes reveal they are gay. Only the drool mouth media cares led by gayland, self righteous Hollywood and all the pc libs.

    I would so love to see an athlete publicize, with great media fanfare at a press conference, the declaration that he/she is ‘coming out’ and telling the world he/she is HETEROSEXUAL. Wow, now that would be newsworthy. It would be a farce, but a deserved one, dished out to the media clowns.

    That’s what I feel about the whole gay thing—a farce. I don’t care what you do for sex as long as you are not harming anyone and have a consenting adult with you if you partner up. I think gayness is a perversion and a sin, and also an excuse to hide behind for some people to make perverted sex normal or ok. But I am not the keeper of others’ souls. They will answer to God and his judgement will be the only one that counts. In the meantime–I don’t care or want to know and I know alot of people who feel the exact same way.

    I agree this is a media deflection from the real world and problems that actually matter. Also, this very mediocre athlete gets his 15 minutes of fame that he can’t achieve with his limited professional basketball skills. Bunch of junk news.

  141. SueQ says:

    Since I haven’t been here very long, you’ll just have to forgive me if this youtube video has already been posted…………………my daughter sent it to me.

  142. cjzak says:

    Amazing what the crazy letfwing media and all liberals see as fair and right. Of course they are only out there promoting THEIR– supposedly wonderful and caring for all people– agenda and everyone who disagrees with them are wrong, racist, homphobic, prejudiced, mean, terroristic, anti-women, for the rich only, etc. etc. etc.. Liberals are just not wired right in the head. It’s the only conclusion I can come up with to explain their blatant hypocrisy and lack of any sense at all.

  143. cjzak says:

    And yet they keep voting for their ‘master’ controllers like they are Gods. The freebies and the ability to sit on their ass*s masks the reality of what is happening to them. Clueless is too kind a word for them. They are commiting slow suicide and eugenics of their races and have no idea what is going on.


  144. cjzak says:

    The govt. anti gun people won’t like this one bit. Bet there’s lots of ladies in the buyers’ group. Americans will not give up their 2nd amanedment rights very easily and the majority believe in them despite what the media and your friendly pols. tell you.


  145. cjzak says:

    Humor for the day and off to work I go. From: 45 minute skinny

    “DO NOT wash your hair in the shower!!
    It’s so good to finally get a health warning that is useful!!!
    Shampoo Warning! I don’t know WHY I didn’t figure this out sooner! I use shampoo in the shower! When I wash my hair, the shampoo runs down my whole body, and printed very clearly on the shampoo label is this warning, “FOR EXTRA BODY AND VOLUME.”
    No wonder I have been gaining weight! Well! I got rid of that shampoo and I am going to start showering with Dawn Dishwashing Soap. It’s label reads, “DISSOLVES FAT THAT IS OTHERWISE DIFFICULT TO REMOVE.”
    Problem solved! If I don’t answer the phone, I’ll be in the shower!”

  146. Dora says:

    Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

    President Barack Obama said today at a press conference that he’s “not familiar” with reports that Benghazi whistleblowers are being threatened:
    “I’m not familiar with this notion that anybody has been blocked from testifying,” said Obama. “So what I’ll do is i will find out what exactly you are referring to.”


  147. SueQ says:

    I wouldn’t worry cj,

    No matter how much shampoo I use, I can’t seem to add any volume to my body. All the claims are bogus. :) Wish I could.

  148. Dora says:

    He also said this at the press conference . . . .

    Obama: ‘Maybe I Should Just Pack Up and Go Home. Golly.’


    I guess he was just trying to give us all a little hope.

  149. fernleygirl says:


    This strategy of buying commodities at lower prices today to consume at higher prices tomorrow can be implemented on a micro-economic personal scale in your own home. Doing so, especially with health and nutrition considerations, will not only provide you with long-term cost savings as global currencies continue to lose purchasing power, but insulate you against the possibility of a rush for food in the event of an emergency or widespread economic instability.

    Whether you choose to stock your long-term food pantry by going to a grocery store, grow your own food in your traditional or aquaponics garden, learn to preserve it yourself, or prefer to do your own food storage packing, the key is to develop a plan and implement it now.

    The US dollar isn’t getting any stronger over the next 10 years.

    But the rice, beans, wheat, and pasta you stockpile will still have the same exact intrinsic value a decade from now as they do today.

  150. Dora says:

    No wonder the country is in such bad shape.

    Poll: 55% Of Americans Don’t Know Planned Parenthood Does Abortions…


    Poll: 42% Of Americans Unaware Obamacare Is The Law Of The Land…


  151. jrCarolinas says:

    Whew, I am back home and wore out. Don’t know how much longer I can keep doing this work; but I pray for strength to at least do it 5 more years. Have 3 more this week to clean, 2 tomorrow and 1 on Thursday.

    Boy, you all have been busy this morning. Good to come in and read just about everything here rather than trying to find it myself. Thanks.

  152. fernleygirl says:

    No news yet on the job interview?

  153. jrCarolinas says:

    Fernley – nope. He said they would let him know in a couple of days. Guess they had more to interview. But he did say he felt good about it and was encouraged by what they said to him.

  154. Dora says:

    Air Force Two stuck in Arizona

    Vice President Joe Biden returned safely to Washington Sunday after a trip to Arizona, but his plane, it turns out, did not.

    Air Force Two is still sitting on the tarmac in Flagstaff, Ariz.


  155. cabbyaz says:

    If I’d known that Biden had to land at Flagstaff, I would have gotten on my horse and gone to see him – only 27 miles away. It would have been a perfect opportunity to give him an “Ivy League kiss”. (“a belt in the mouth” for those unfamiliar)

    This coming “out” for Collins has become almost a badge of honor. Something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. Sick! Sick!

  156. Dora says:

    Willie Nelson says his 80th birthday is today, but his birth certificate says it is tomorrow. We are just going to have to extended our birthday wishes to Willie on both days!

    Happy Birthday Willie!


    Willie Nelson, Who Saved His Career And His House With The IRS Tapes, Turns 80

    Today – or maybe tomorrow, depending on who you ask – is the 80th birthday of country music legend Willie Nelson (he says today but his birth certificate says tomorrow). He’s been making music since 1956 and his songs are so ubiquitous that even folks who don’t like country music can name a few. And in small towns across America, it’s impossible to walk into any bar and not hear at least one version of Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys.

    All together, Nelson has recorded more than sixty studio albums, ten live albums, thirty-seven compilations, two movie soundtracks and twenty-seven collaborations. And while he has l


  157. cjzak says:

    Rush Limbaugh’s show today was really funny. He went off on that whole gay sports figure thing. I was laughing the whole time at his sarcastic statements. Said the NFL got ‘one-upped’by the NBA. He said what I said above. Who cares what someone’s sexual orientation is. Said he grew up in a household where the subject of sexual preferences never was discussed. Was a private matter. Said why aren’t we calling Billy Clinton out about his sexual preferences– like WH interns? We were told pres. Clinton’s sex exploits were a private matter and shouldn’t be discussed in public. But now why shouldn’t we discuss it all over the media? It went on and on and was hysterical.

    People were talking about it at work and all of them thought it was ridiculous to even be in the news and all over the place. They don’t care and don’t want to hear or read about it. I would imagine a lot of people feel the same way and I hope the media is getting that message loud and clear on their email boards, Facebook and twitter sites.

  158. Katie says:

    This person’s tweet says it all…
    Tim Tebow: “I’m a Christian.”
    Media: “Keep it to yourself.”
    Jason Collins: “I’m gay.”
    Media: “This man’s a hero!”

  159. budgy60 says:

    cj..I was going to start posting for today, but now have to run out and buy some DAWN. Thanks for the tip and will let everyone know if it works. rofl

  160. cynkading says:

    He is such a giant POS……………
    Juan Williams calls Benghazi inquiry ‘waste of time’: ‘You want to go back to find out who shot J.R.’ [video]


  161. jrCarolinas says:

    I am almost to the point of agreeing with Juan Williams. Are they going to do anything about it when they find out who did or did not do what? NO – Therefore it is a waste of time. But he IS a POS

  162. jrCarolinas says:

    I am in a lurk mode tonight. Not much going on so I am taking advantage of the lull.

  163. cynkading says:

    This one is interesting to read the tweets…..

    Bam! Conservatives bust Gov. Christie for rewriting history on Sandy relief


  164. cynkading says:

    OUTRAGEOUS! Benghazi whistleblower says US has identified terrorist behind 9/11 attack but refuses to capture him


  165. cynkading says:

    The heartwarming moment a disabled dog finds a special burst of energy to drag herself to greet Air Force owner returning from Afghanistan


  166. jrCarolinas says:

    Oh, so precious is Emma. Bless her little heart. I am glad she gets to know love in her life.

  167. jrCarolinas says:

    RE: cynkading says:
    April 30, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    I wonder how soon those “smart grid” policies will be coming our way. Our county is battling over wind farms right now. The Marine Corps Air Station near us is against them because they will interfere with their flyovers.

  168. fernleygirl says:

    I wonder if Emma could operate a motorized cart…. just pushing with her chin on some sort of controller to make it go? A joystick with a pad shaped to fit under her jaw? I wish I knew how to make something like that….I bet she’d be smart enough to figure out how to use it.
    I’m not going to try to find it, but I think CA was working on RC appliances for consumers before we moved away.

  169. Dora says:

    Good Morning Patriots. Brrrr it feels chilly again this morning. Yesterday when I went out for a while, it was so chilly that I needed a jacket. The temperature was supposed to be in the 50s, but it was very windy. I bet the wind chill was down in the 30s. I came in the house all ready to complain until I turned on the news and saw what kind of weather others around the country are getting. I realized that I really had nothing to complain about.

    Good luck to everyone across the Plains who will be getting such cold weather for the next few days. Stay safe Katie. You might be getting a May blizzard.

    ‘May blizzard’ – now that sounds strange. :-(

  170. Dora says:

    I’m pretty sure that the Clintons will be pushing Chelsea onto the political scene, but is this the way she is going to begin.

    Chelsea Clinton Interviews…The GEICO Gecko?


  171. Dora says:

    Exclusive from the Daily Mail. What would we do without them?

    EXCLUSIVE: Saudi Arabia ‘warned the United States IN WRITING about Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2012′
    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sent a written warning about accused Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in 2012, long before pressure-cooker blasts killed three and injured hundreds, according to a senior Saudi government official with direct knowledge of the document.
    The Saudi warning, the official told MailOnline, was separate from the multiple red flags raised by Russian intelligence in 2011, and was based on human intelligence developed independently in Yemen.


    I believe this makes Big Sis and the WHI (White House Islamic) accomplices to the Boston bombing!

  172. Dora says:

    OUTRAGEOUS! Benghazi whistleblower says US has identified terrorist behind 9/11 attack but refuses to capture him


  173. Dora says:

    Finally . . . .

    Rep. Trey Gowdy Says Eyewitnesses Will Testify Next Week at Benghazi Hearing (Video)
    Hear Come the Whistle-Blowers–
    Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) spilled the beans tonight on the Benghazi hearings scheduled for May 8th. Gowdy said “first hand witnesses” will be testifying on the massacre and coverup. He told Greta – she won’t want to miss it.


  174. Troy says:

    Russia delivers new al-Qaida warning to U.S.
    Jihadists reportedly being armed by Obama administration
    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/04/russia-delivers-new-al-qaida-warning-to-u-s/#ciuUQJ43HZIVwDg5.99

  175. cjzak says:

    Looks like ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ is back. Only this time it is for religious reasons. Geez our military is going the way of our educational system. The crazy liberals are controlling everything. When do we stand up and say NO MORE to all this crap and back that up as a unified people???


  176. SueQ says:

    Hi Dora,

    I guess Obama is trying to upstage Ronald Reagan. Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer, proclaimed by Reagan which was to be the first Thursday of May. Our country could sure use Divine intervention………..otherwise we won’t have a country much longer.

    It seems like no matter how many times we call our congressmen, post on conservative blogs, send emails or march on DC, it does no good. Pray today, pray tomorrow……….keep praying. God is our only hope.


  177. Dora says:

    MoveOn.org Demands ESPN Suspend Analyst Over His Christian Views On Homosexuality…


  178. cjzak says:

    Their fake diversity is showing isn’t Dora? It’s ok to approve a gay guy ‘coming out’, and expressing his views but don’t anybody dare take another opposing view even though they have every right to do so. Big fat jerks, all of them.

  179. cjzak says:

    Get ready folks. The eligibility issue will soon be front and center again. But not for Obama. Ted Cruz is seriously thinking about running in 2016. He said he’s confident he’s a natural born citizen even though he was born in Canada. He cites the fact his mother was a US citizen at the time so that makes him a NBC. Wow. A conservative who is willing to make that statement just blows my mind. The Dems have a choice to make on this one. If they cry foul, they have the Obama issue staring them in the face. My guess is they will be confident in Hillary winning so they won’t say a thing except be my guest Ted, and run. If it looks like he might win, the dems will pull something but I don’t think it will be the eligibility issue. The precedent has been set by Obama and the Congress has effectively changed the Constitution without amending it the right way. Pigs, all of them.


  180. Troy says:

    It won’t be the Dems tearing Ted Cruz a new ass if he tries to run…..It will be us – me, you and ALL of the Constitutionalists that tore Barry a new ass over the same issue…..We’ll be letting anchor baby Cruz know that he is an ineligible fraud just like the current usurper is….If the Supremes allow this, which they will because they have no choice after letting the current usurper in, then they had better watch their backs wherever they go because someone is probably and finally going to have had enough of their treason…..They all deserve impeachment, trial, conviction and firing squad…..I believe that is the ultimate punishment for treason.

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