Katie says she’s been digging, but hasn’t found it yet in her backyard.



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  1. jrCarolinas says:

    I hope I find my pot of gold next week when I am in Tunica :)

  2. cjzak says:

    Good luck jr!! Wish I was going too. I could use a vacation right about now. Hope you have aHave a great time.

  3. cjzak says:

    Oops. Should be ‘hope you have a great time’.

  4. Fernley Girl says:

    May you always be blessed
    With walls for the wind,
    A roof for the rain,
    A warm cup of tea by the fire,
    Laughter to cheer you,
    Those you love near you,
    And all that your heart might desire.

    Irish blessing

  5. jrCarolinas says:

    Fernley – Thanks for the Irish blessing. I was going to add one to the thread, but got sidetracked.

  6. Fernley Girl says:

    One can never have too many blessings! :_D

  7. Katie says:

    Can you hear me NOW?????

  8. Katie says:

    OMG!!!! You have NO idea what I’ve been dinking around with. Changing the PW was the trick but even that was dicey.

    I feel like I’ve been locked in a room, gagged so I couldn’t speak. It’s been AWFUL not being able to post. Wow. Had no idea how dependent on you I’ve become.

  9. Fernley Girl says:

    There’s a couple of other things that might be worthwhile: diapers and women’s sanitary products. Can you imagine being a young woman with a baby and NEITHER of those? Yuck.

  10. Katie says:

    The women will need the sanitary products, especially with all the Fluke-in going on… ;-)

  11. Fernley Girl says:

    Ah, Katie found her way back home! Excellent!

    Feeling a little Irish:

  12. A Crazy Old Coot says:

    Fernley Girl says: March 15, 2012 at 5:31 pm
    Remember, cloth diapers can be reused. Never used throw away diapers with our kids.

  13. Katie says:

    I’ve thought this would be a good idea for a thread, but we can add to this one. I was actually surprised to see I’ve got most of those items stored – not massive quantities but enough for 6 mos. or so. I might add personal items like toothpaste, deodorant, and shampoo as well as tissues & paper towels are good as well.

  14. jrCarolinas says:

    Katie – glad I saw that about the PW change and also glad it worked for you.

  15. jrCarolinas says:

    Great additions to the SHTF items. Yeah, I used cloth diapers too on my kids – they didn’t make disposables in my day. :)

  16. Troy says:

    Saving the Soul of our Republic

    Tonight’s Guest Are:
    Pastor Robert McCurry & Dwaine Moore

    Tonight we embrace the spiritual battle for America. We get caught up in the political and economic minutia and fail to see what is at the root of the problem. Tonight we focus on the root of the problem. This will be a discussion every individual needs to hear. What choices have we been making that have brought us to the brink? What must we ask ourselves now to make the right choices going forward?

    Walls In Our Minds

    Join Terry Dodd, Red Beckman & Dr. Kate TONIGHT for a most important show!

    The show runs from 9 to 11 p.m. Eastern Time, March 15th.

    Listen to the stream or join the online chat this Thursday evening at:


    Call-in Number: (347) 838-9176

  17. Troy says:

    WordPress is still all screwed up.

  18. cynkading says:

    So what do you think was causing the problems???

  19. jrCarolinas says:

    I think they were making changes again, because I see a new tab in the header now called Reblog.

  20. cynkading says:

    I made several calls to my reps this week. Congressmen and senators. Why I am not sure other than not to take action is doing something. No one with whom I spoke to had any curiosity about nor where in the least bit knowledgeable about the Arpaio investigation. There were no comments from them about Sec. Def. Panetta and Sen. Sessions dialogue and what Panetta said about being more interested in what an International Coalition would have to say about our military involvement in other countries. Nothing at all about not getting congressional approval to start a war in another country. No comment about the bulletin that was supposedly sent from the fed govt. about ending chemo/radiation/medications for 76 year olds who have been diagnosed with cancer in beginning in April 2013. No response to no surgeries to be performed on patients over the age of 76 unless the physician can remove all of it.


  21. Troy says:

    I’m getting sick of this crap!!!….It’s not just WordPress – it’s BlogTalk Radio also….It won’t let me log in to the chat room….EAT MY SHORTS, BlogTalk!!!

  22. cynkading says:

    Not to take action is doing nothing…….mistyped above…..

  23. jrCarolinas says:

    I was wondering where you were Troy

  24. jrCarolinas says:

    cynka – I think they have all been instructed to admit to NOTHING

  25. Troy says:

    jr, you can let them know that I’m there listening, but can’t get in the chat.

  26. jrCarolinas says:

    cynka – you need to listen to blogtalk radio tonight that Troy posted – very good

  27. jrCarolinas says:

    OK Troy

  28. jrCarolinas says:

    Troy, just an idea – change your password to blogtalk and see if you can log in.

  29. cjzak says:

    Yaaay the gang’s all here again! I hope all the bugs at WP are worked out. I still have to login and it’s iffy whether it allows me in or not. I’m with Katie, it’s stressful when you can’t post here on this site. Heyokas is home for me on the internet.

  30. cjzak says:

    Here’s one guy I wish was running. I wanted him in the race from the beginning. He knows how to get things done. Where are these good guys when we need them so much? Maybe if we get a repub Congress and Pres. his voice and ideas will be front and center.


  31. cynkading says:

    I am listening right not over at Blog talk……

  32. cjzak says:

    These people are just plain sick. The left has completely gone round the bend and lost their minds. This woman needs a heart/brain transplant. Lord please don’t judge the rest of us as you judge her. Sick, sick, sick.


  33. jrCarolinas says:

    cj – we are over at blogtalk radio listening to the message tonight.

  34. cjzak says:

    The religion of peace strikes again. They are just brutal barbarians and they may be here before we know it.


  35. Katie says:

    Bringing out the nightstick! I just posted the beginning…it gets even better :-D

    “There is a new street art poster that’s being emailed around and will no doubt eventually be spotted on a street corner near you. It’s a gritty black and white image of Andrew Breitbart looking both battle-worn and ever vigilant with the caption: “BREITBART IS HERE.”

    Those three words express the instant connection many of us feel for our fallen friend. They express our identification with him, and our need to continue his fight for the good of our republic.

    With the death of Breitbart, the conservative movement didn’t just lose a General – we lost an entire Special Forces Division. But he didn’t leave us without the tools and the knowledge we need to fight. This website – Breitbart 2.0 – is the culmination of his study of the technology and aesthetics of new media. The team Breitbart assembled under the leadership of Steve Bannon, Larry Solov, and Joel Pollak will advance his mission with courage and integrity.

    Breitbart’s most immediate mission was the belated vetting of Barack Obama. This obviously is an issue very near and dear to my heart.

    During the ’08 campaign, the same media that reported breathlessly about…” Cont’d.


  36. cjzak says:

    Sarah you rock! Keep it going until we get this gang of theives out of our govt. for good. Still wish you were running for Pres. this time. Thanks for posting that Katie!!

  37. jrCarolinas says:

    Great show tonight.

  38. jrCarolinas says:

    So glad everyone is back on the blog – I was missing you all so much. :)

  39. Dora says:

    jr – thanks for the thread.

    I think I found my pot of gold when I found this site. I love coming here.

  40. Dora says:

    The latest from our wonderful university system – at least in California.


    Officials of the University of California system have proposed asking incoming freshmen to identify their sexual orientation, a move that might cement such declarations as an emerging topic in the college admissions process.
    Good Grief!

  41. Dora says:

    Ben & Jerry’s has a new flavor called ‘Apple-y Ever After’.

    They say it will raise same sex equality awareness:


    I say Boycott Ben & Jerry’s!!

  42. budgy60 says:

    Elementary school changes name of ‘St. Patrick’s Day’
    Students will celebrate ‘O’Green Day’ to be more inclusive


  43. budgy60 says:

    ‘Devoid of evidence,’ Holder still pursues pro-lifer
    Judge even considered sanctions against feds


  44. budgy60 says:

    Really glad there isn’t anything important happening that need the POTUS’ attention. sarc


  45. budgy60 says:

    Goldman Insider exposes……


  46. Katie says:

    This happened at the same base where the Marines were disarmed. It’s becoming abundantly clear that American civilians may have to come to the defense of the military.


  47. Dora says:

    Footage shows Michelle Obama occupying Harvard office advocating race based hiring:


    She and Barry make a good pair!

  48. cjzak says:

    This just ridiculous. Obama trashes England at every turn and the PM is mind sappingly in love with the guy. Sickening and dorky all at the same time. Guess the USA isn’t the only country that should be embarrassed by their leader. Isn’t Cameron a righty? I thought he was. My mistake. Yuckkkky.


  49. cjzak says:

    I’ve got to see this one. I pray it catches fire and the public embraces the meaning full force. The liberals’ heads will be exploding in 3-2-1 boom. Especially that nut case I posted about yesterday who “loves abortion.” Great movie coming out.


  50. Katie says:

    Let us not forget that in the next few weeks the socialized medicine bill is going to SCOTUS. The regime is changing their defense, throwing everything at the wall in the hopes that something sticks. While I don’t like linking to this site, read between the biased lines to see what they’re doing.


  51. Katie says:

    If you want to read something special, this article is it. It’s about a rare night with Palin and Breitbart in the same room.


  52. Katie says:

    Tom Hanks is dead to me. He’s been replaced by pond scum.


  53. Katie says:

    I won’t infect my brain by watching the video, but I love the fact that Breitbart is challenging youtube’s refusal to allow for negative comments. WAR.


  54. Katie says:

    Let the vetting continue. This time it’s Michelle Malkin unloading on “Say it ain’t so, JOE”. Boom!


  55. cynkading says:

    Well, I was wondering when Rush was going to mention Sheriff Joe’s investigation and why the media are asleep at the wheel about this investigation. I never thought he would ever say anything but he did. He acknowledged that the MSM are burying it. I am still listening right now. He is on to other things.

  56. cynkading says:

    Wonder how the left was able to mobilize so quickly on the Rush Limbaugh boycott? According to the architect behind it, Media Matters online strategy director Angelo Carusone, the project was actually created in 2009, but stayed inactive until the Sandra Fluke controversy boiled over (via Legal Insurrection):

    I started Stop Rush in 2009, 2010, and when I went to register the domain, I saw that Rush owned StopRush.com….

    The Beck work was working, and I kind of froze the Rush work, and experimented with it a little, to get a sense of who Rush’s advertisers were and what their comfort level with him was. It was definitely valuable, and I am glad I spent some time doing it. It has informed the work I am doing now.

    Legal Insurrection’s William Jacobson connects the dots on the story most of the media missed: that the entire Limbaugh boycott was pure, undistilled Astroturf.


  57. Dora says:

    It is great to hear that a country has defied the UN. I am especially glad that it is Ireland.

    The UN has been trying to force this beautiful country to legalize abortion for decades and once again they refused:


    I pray that the people of Ireland can keep up their strength and not be worn down by the UN’s murderous demands!

  58. A Crazy Old Coot says:

    I received this in a e-mail

    Maybe Rush wasn’t so far off!!!!

    This puts an entirely different perspective on her and her “backers” and her motive; making such a degrading spectacle of herself in front of the nation.
    Fluke Is No Fluke
    Posted by Thomas Purcell at 4:25 AM comments

    Sandra Fluke- CSPAN

    Having gone on information junket trips and been involved with how those sorts of things work, I can tell you that not just anyone is picked to have a seat before a congressional hearing and have a say on particular issues. Your name typically is submitted by people that either have a lot of drag with Congress or you are well known enough about a subject to be considered.

    That’s why it came as a bit of a surprise when a supposed innocent college student by the name of Sandra Fluke sat before Congress and testified about the horrors of having to pay for her own contraception pills.

    The red flag for me was twofold; one, that she was attending a very expensive school (Georgetown) and two, that she was self-described as a ‘public interest’ scholarship recipient. Public interest scholarships are not given as poverty scholarships, they are typically credits given for political purposes.

    Fluke is not your normal young college student. For one, she is a 30 year old experienced community activist, older and wiser than your typical college student. Experienced in spades—she sits or has been a part of no less than 6 different advisory boards to women’s rights groups, including the Manhattan Borough President’s Taskforce on Domestic Violence and numerous other New York City and New York State coalitions. She is also a recipient of the 2010 Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles Fran Kandel Public Interest Grant. In short, this is a woman who knows all the ins and out of the government and government aid systems, and a strong proponent of the concept of ‘social justice’.

    ‘Social justice’ seeks to create economic egalitarianism through taxation, income, or even property redistribution. It is merely just another term for socialism and communism. AND I DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR HER LIFESTYLE!!!!!!

    Therefore, the story about her friend that couldn’t get affordable birth control, eventually leading to an ovarian cyst just doesn’t ring true. As a career expert in women’s rights and with access to at least a dozen different methods in getting low cost or free contraception, either Ms. Fluke is incompetent in her positions, or is a bald faced liar about the story.

    So instead of an innocent poor college student discussing the difficulty in getting affordable birth control, we have career women’s rights advocate making the case for the redistribution of wealth in society. Quite a different matter than was originally portrayed.

    It’s no wonder these people are so desperate to defend the issue of free contraceptive care because it rests upon the elimination of the First Amendment rights of Georgetown and other religious groups.

    If the President backs down on the Georgetown case, or any other Catholic objection to Obamacare mandates, it means that the First Amendment would apply directly to Obamacare—and thus be struck down in its entirety. This explains why Fluke was called to testify, and why Obama is risking political suicide to defend this issue. Yes to his “suicide”.

    So when you see these sob stories on the news take care and look into them carefully.

  59. Katie says:

    I was waitin’ for you guys to start finding this stuff and connecting the dots. The supporters at Conservatives4Palin.com have been all over this stuff. Rush knew EXACTLY what he was doing, and the outcome is EXACTLY what he planned. There’s much more on Fluke at Breitbart. There are so many connections to the regime it’s dizzying.

    My first thoughts when I saw this headline were to throw down the B.S. flag. The comments are hysterical and insightful at the same time. We ain’t buyin’ what they’re sellin’ ANYMORE!


  60. Katie says:

    Breitbart is here! :-)

    The movie “Game Change” was designed to depict the narrative from the left about Sarah Palin as being true.

    The movie was about the narrative.

    The progressive/liberal left must be terrified of a Sarah Palin resurrection, as they are re-crucifying her with this movie.

    The truth cannot be stopped and cannot be silenced.

    For that reason, Sarah Palin will emerge like a stainless steel alloy from the forge of politics.

    As the American people realize the lies behind the various narratives from the Obama administration, elected and appointed progressive/liberal government officials and delivered by a complicit mainstream media, both the political left and the media will lose credibility, support and relevance. Cont’d:


  61. jrCarolinas says:

    I am finding the older I get the more death and sickness surround my world. My cousin’s husband almost lost his leg this week due to a blockage. They were able to save the leg, but with all the blood thinners they suspect he has thrown a clot to his heart and he is in A-fib. He is in ICU and they are doing test after test and he has been told to not move at all in the bed. Haven’t heard anything since 1:00 when they were getting him ready for the last test (I was there). So I don’t know if they have taken him for any kind of emergency surgery (bypass or whatever) yet. This man is a very good Christian man and I can honestly say I have never heard him even utter a curse word. Then their grandson swallowed a quarter last weekend and he has not passed it. They are getting ready to do surgery on him as well. Please lift your prayers for the Brown family.

  62. A Crazy Old Coot says:

    Prayers on the way!!!

  63. cabbyaz says:

    Yes, Jr, I, too, am lifting up prayers for your people. Sometimes it never rains but it pours.

    I have been lurking a bit but am very tied down on a rush job this week. I had hoped to be able to get it in the mail (Express to Fla.) by tomorrow but will not make it. Then a real winter storm is approaching over Sun. and Mon. Snow is expected at our altitude, but it may just be snow showers. A good friend has offered to get it to the post office on Mon. if I need her. Thanks to her!

  64. cabbyaz says:

    In order to post here just now I had to log in by using my WordPress a/c and never had to before.
    Things are sort of messed up at CW’s, too.

  65. Troy says:

    Then their grandson swallowed a quarter last weekend and he has not passed it. They are getting ready to do surgery on him as well.
    Sorry to hear about your friend’s health problems….The little boy will be just fine….They only need to worry if he makes change and passes two dimes and a nickel.

  66. cabbyaz says:

    Two of my posts were printed out, but now they have disappeared. Gremlins at work?

    I had to revert to my WordPress a/c to get them to go through, but now they are not here.

  67. cabbyaz says:

    Oh, I see – “in moderation” – Must be the same thing as was happening to others.

  68. Troy says:

    Cabby, I approved all your comments from moderation.

  69. jrCarolinas says:

    if he makes change
    Should have known – I would prefer him to make more :lol:

  70. jrCarolinas says:

    I sure don’t know what WP did, but it messed up a lot of folks all over.

  71. jrCarolinas says:

    Just got a call from my 1st cousin, her husband had no clots in the heart, so they just replaced the batteries in his pacemaker. Also diagnosed him with COPD. Praise the Lord he will make it through, but he might not be able to work for a while and that will put a big hardship on them.
    Also, the grandson has a procedure scheduled Tues morning. They won’t have to cut him, just go down with a light and a tool to grab it. Bet that teaches him not to throw quarters in the air and catch them in his mouth – he is 7 (nuf said) :)

  72. jrCarolinas says:

    Cabby can’t believe snow is in the forecast. I have another cousin up in Maine and she sent me an email yesterday telling me she had snow. Ugh – it’s over 80 degrees here and I refuse to turn on my A/C this early. So the fans are blowing.

  73. jrCarolinas says:

    Cabby – if you continue to have problems – change your password in WP and it should resolve your problem entering wordpress sites.

  74. jrCarolinas says:

    In Full Campaign Mode, Obama Calls Out GOP as “Flat Earthers”

    The example Obama uses to point out the folly of the GOP is such a glaring example of everything wrong with the current administration’s view


  75. Troy says:

    Judy, did you ever hear back from WordPress?

  76. jrCarolinas says:

    Not in regards to the problem Troy. I guess they were flooded with emails and instead just worked on the problem.

  77. jrCarolinas says:

    By the way, Katie sent me a pic of her end of the rainbow and she is shovel ready – Hehehe
    (see thread)

  78. A Crazy Old Coot says:

    jrCarolinas says:

    March 16, 2012 at 6:28 pm

    if he makes change
    Should have known – I would prefer him to make more
    He would need the quarter and a Anthony silver dollar coin for that. :)

  79. jrCarolinas says:

    You guys are terrible. :) That little guy is scared out of his wits and I am glad.

  80. jrCarolinas says:

    Troy – don’t forget I won’t be here next week. I will put up a new thread Monday morning and if it fills up before Friday you will need to put up a new one as I am not planning on taking my laptop with me on this trip. I will be leaving Monday afternoon.

  81. Troy says:

    Okie Dokie!

  82. Troy says:

    You gotta see this!
    Obama Demands We Worship Him With This Blood
    Posted by Ann Barnhardt – March 16, AD 2012 3:01 PM MST


  83. jrCarolinas says:

    Oh what a true miracle of life in the womb. Yes, life immediately upon conception and the world has committed murder of innocent lives through abortion. Those little souls are crying for their deaths to be avenged and one day they will.

  84. Troy says:

    So, what in the hell is that feeding off of the sun?

  85. Fernley Girl says:

    I’ll be back later, just checking to see if I can post with my new email addy.

    Prayers said, jr.

  86. Fernley Girl says:

    And, it looks like I need to fix my avatar, too. Too many aggravating things to deal with today. I wish I liked to drink. PFFFTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

  87. jrCarolinas says:

    The sun is having babies :)

    That is really strange and even scary

  88. cjzak says:

    jr glad your family is ok! I’m saying a few extra prayers for them anyway. The little guy will definitely remember all this fuss and being scared. Thank goodness he can be fixed rather easily.

    Obama is a fool. He talks like a fool, acts like a fool, smiles like a fool and is a fool. He and Biden make a great pair of fools. Yuckos, begone forever as of Nov…..please voters, please.

    Cabby, I have to sign in via my WP account too or use my other email. If you check the ‘remember me’ box, it seems to solve the problem of having to login everytime to the WP acct. Who knows what or why WP messed things up like this. Hope they straighten it all out though.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. jrCarolinas says:

    I am reading a new book tonight – Unleashing The Beast by Perry Stone. Perry shows how the religion of the antichrist will be Islam as I have always said and even gives ideas as to how it might happen. This is the 4th prophecy book I have read on my Nook since I got it the other week.

  90. jrCarolinas says:

    By the way cj – how is your hubby doing – haven’t heard you say.

  91. Fernley Girl says:

    I haven’t been reading much online today cuz of all the stuff that’s been going on, but you *MUST* read this:


  92. jrCarolinas says:

    Troy saw the updated video you did of that sun thing on Kate’s – A space ship re-fueling??????

  93. cjzak says:

    Thanks for asking about my husband jr. He’s doing very well. Back to work and exercising and dealing with it all as best as he can. He’s not complaining too much even though he has had some challenges with the whole thing. Going to start the process of getting all the necessary planning for the second surgery which will happen probably in May. We decided we are going to get a couple consults from other surgeons. This was recommended by a friend or ours(Doctor) who advised us to do so in order to get the best one we can. No offense to the original surgeon, but he was the emergency guy and not a choice by us. He did a fine job and we may just use him again, but feel we should at least talk to a couple others as a way to make the best decision. This second surgery is a major one too, so we feel we should cover all the bases. Otherwise, the Lord kept a good watch over my husband and helped him through this. I am very grateful.

  94. cabbyaz says:

    Hi, Folks – The comment box says, “Please enter a comment.” Ha! Word Press at it again.
    So glad to hear that things are under control for the Brown family, Jr.

    Also, Cj – Good to know that your hubby is doing as well as he is. That is a good idea to get another opinion on the second surgery. I surely wish he wasn’t facing that but trust that he will come through with flying colors.

    Too tired to come up with anything substantial tonight. This entire week has been devoted nearly all to this huge tax job. It has drained me down and I can hardly think of anything else. To top it off, my copy machine is acting up, but I believe it probably needs a new cartridge. I have one on hand but am too shot to put it in tonight. Bye, bye! Sleep tight all of you great folks!!

  95. A Crazy Old Coot says:

    Troy says: March 16, 2012 at 9:32 pm
    On the second video, check out the lower right of the screen. What is that? It looks as interesting as the one on the lower left.

  96. A Crazy Old Coot says:

    This is more info on Troy’s videos at Troy says: March 16, 2012 at 9:32 pm.

  97. Fernley Girl says:

    This is what happens when the banks and the politicians sleep together:


    Then, through the 1990s, Goldman Sachs and others lobbied hard and the regulations were abolished. Suddenly, these contracts were turned into “derivatives” that could be bought and sold among traders who had nothing to do with agriculture. A market in “food speculation” was born.

  98. Fernley Girl says:

    “May all who love the Lord, love you, and those who don’t love you, may the Lord give them a limp so you can see them coming.” ;-)

  99. Dora says:

    May your songs be merry
    and your smiles be bright.
    May your laughs be many
    and your heart be light.


  100. Dora says:

    This is one of the most gruesome stories I have come across in quite a while – the obama administration is allowing the brains of dead babies to be used in medical experiments.

    This is absolutely sickening!


    Our society is becoming more and more like the Nazis every day!

  101. jrCarolinas says:

    Fernley – you went into moderation because you changed your email – it has now been approved.

  102. jrCarolinas says:

  103. jrCarolinas says:

    If you are seeing the following error when posting to WP
    websites, then you will need to take an extra step to post.

    “That email address is associated with an existing WordPress.com
    account, please log in to use it.”

    A quick explanation why posting has changed. WordPress has instituted
    this change in hopes to prevent spammers from spamming WordPress
    websites. So because of this you will have to take these extra steps.

    Please use the following set of directions to post your entries when using a Gravatar/WordPress linked e-mail account.

    1) Before posting your entry, click on the icon below the “Leave a
    Reply” box on the right hand side that has a “W” (WordPress icon)
    2) This will prompt you for an e-mail address and password. Enter
    your Gravatar/WordPress e-mail address and password
    3) Once you have entered the above information, you are now logged
    into WordPress and will be able to post your entries using your
    Gravatar/WordPress linked e-mail address

  104. Katie says:

    I’m sure this is just the beginning of the death of internet freedom. Is it just me, or does anyone else think there’s something sinister going on with the changes in WP blogs?

    “Comcast, Cablevision, Verizon, Time Warner Cable and other Internet service providers (ISPs) in the United States will soon launch new programs to police their networks in an effort to catch digital pirates and stop illegal file-sharing.” Cont’d:


  105. jrCarolinas says:

    In other words they are making you get a wordpress account

  106. Fernley Girl says:

    New EO from Zero, in its entirety, so you don’t have to go to a dot gov site. Released Friday night.


  107. Fernley Girl says:

    The whole WP thing is weird. Why didn’t they just send an announcement to all the blog administrators explaining what they were going to do? Dumb.

  108. Fernley Girl says:

    You can’t defend the indefensible.

  109. Katie says:

    We’ve officially reached the point where technology is going to eliminate freedom. Petraeus is even talking about it publicaly now.


  110. cabbyaz says:

    Look at this, Folks:
    Where are we at in this country in terms of surveillance and following Constitutional privacy protections? Wired reports Binney saying  “We are, like, that far from a turnkey totalitarian state” as he held up his thumb and forefinger close together.
    Read more, much more:


    This is a very chilling article. The extent to which big government is spying on its citizens is beyond human reasoning. We are not only losing our freedoms but we are FAST losing the ability to protect and fight for those freedoms. Besides that, hi-tech weaponry that is at the disposal of government officials could make ordinary arms look like a Sunday School picnic.

  111. Fernley Girl says:

    Too bad there aren’t more men like this willing to tell the truth. We’ll see tomorrow if they’ve run out of fingers to plug the dike.

  112. cjzak says:

    I also got this in an email but I’m linking it from CW as posted there. Same one came to me. It’s should be passed on to everyone you can get it to. Not many people know about this yet and I agree with the declaration in this email that this is aimed squarely at the baby boomers who will be downsizing–wanting to downsize anyway–and looking to take equity out of the homes they have paid for all the years they have lived in them, hoping to use the money made in equity for their retirement years. The medicare costs rising so much again targets the older generation right smack in the face. Please pass it along and I’m copying/pasting it whole because it came in an email asking that it be sent on. It’s that important to get it spread around as much as posssible. All this and the reduction in medical services to older Americans should be reaising alarms all across the country. No link to the article was given in my email.

    If you own a home, Please read this.

    The National Association of REALTORS is all over this and working to get it repealed, before it takes effect. But, I am very pleased we aren’t the only ones who know about this ploy to steal billions from unsuspecting homeowners. How many REALTORS do you think will vote Democratic in 2012?
    Did you know that if you sell your house after 2012 you will pay a 3.8% sales tax on it? That’s $3,800 on a $100,000 home, etc. When did this happen? It’s in the health care bill and goes into effect in 2013.
    Why 2013? Could it be to come to light AFTER the 2012 elections? So, this is “change you can believe in”? Under the new health care bill all real estate transactions will be subject to a 3.8% Sales Tax.
    If you sell a $400,000 home, there will be a $15,200 tax.
    This bill is set to screw the retiring generation who often downsize their homes. Does this make your November and 2012 vote more important?
    Oh, you weren’t aware this was in the Obamacare bill? Guess what, you aren’t alone. There are more than a few members of Congress that aren’t aware of it either http://www.gop.gov/blog/10/04/08/obamacare-flatlines-obamacare-taxes-home>

    Look carefully at the 2014 rate compared to the 2013 rate

    Look carefully at the 2014 rate compared to the 2013 rate
    For those of you who are on Medicare, read the following. It’s short, but important and you probably haven’t heard about it in the Marxist liberal media.”The per person Medicare Insurance Premium will increase from the present Monthly Fee of
    $96.60 rising to:
    $120.20 in 2013
    $247.00 in 2014.”
    These are Provisions incorporated in the Obamacare Legislation, purposely delayed so as not to confuse the 2012 Re-Election Campaigns. Send this to all Seniors that you know, so they will know who’s throwing them under the bus.

  113. jrCarolinas says:

    I already knew about the double whammy for medicare premiums in 2014. My son had told me several month back and I think I mentioned it here. Either way, I know so many who will definitely be hurt with this. Including my Mom if she is still alive.

    I don’t know what is taking place with WP but whatever it is is not good IMO. Who knows, there may be no more internet in the next few months. Suits me just fine, that way I can save some more money in addition to cable TV. I am not far from dumping all of it except for a home phone.

  114. A Crazy Old Coot says:

    I have a very good friend in Okla, an Avon lady. She is the sweetest, kindest Christian lady you could ever meet.

    She has just been admitted into the hospital with congestive heart failure. I am asking for prayers for her and her family. Thank you!

  115. Fernley Girl says:

    Long. Scary. *More* info on the spying. It’s time to head for the boonies and cut all the cords. I’d rather live like my great-grandparents than give those freaks the satisfaction of spying on me like a geo-tracked turtle in a migration study.


  116. jrCarolinas says:

    Prayers gone up this moment for your friend Coot – May God lay his healing hands upon her and give her family the strength to deal with what may come.

  117. jrCarolinas says:

    Me too Fernley – that is why I am cutting the cords to TV, internet and cell phones. If I have to give up a home phone so be it. Of course the internet will be cut if things get really bad for us.

  118. Fernley Girl says:

    Prayers said for your friend and family.
    If you are interested in numbers, this will give you an idea of how many bytes of information “Stellar Wind” will be processing:

    thousand (103)

    million (106)

    billion (109)

    trillion (1012)

    quadrillion (1015)

    quintillion (1018)

    zettaflop (1021)

    exabytes (A million exabytes equal a yottabyte.)

    yottabytes (1024 bytes) (A yottabyte is a septillion bytes—so large that no one has yet coined a term for the next higher magnitude.)

  119. jrCarolinas says:

    See Sammy the scammy is at it again:

    President Obama will be forced by circumstances to apologise: Genuine Birth Certificate surfaces – Americans have been led to believe otherwise, revelation to change the political landscape


  120. cynkading says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!!

    Late as always…Saturday’s are prayer meeting and nursing home singing. Kind of pooped.

    My husband is trying to get most of his garden in the ground. So been really busy.

    Prayers lifted for your friend Coot…..

  121. cynkading says:

    I am telling you that those spying articles are really scary. I am not in the least surprised though.

    I am with all of you on cutting the technology cord. I will be sad to when we all cannot communicate with each other. That will be the worst part. We all have been through so much over the last 4 years. I cannot imagine not talking to or looking at your postings.

  122. jrCarolinas says:

    John Edwards Campaign Must Repay $2M to Treasury

    FEC case is separate from a pending criminal trial


    Looks like old John will be just a poor citizen possibly on food stamps by the time this is over

  123. cynkading says:

    Arizona Senate Protecting The U.S. Constitution: Affirms State Sovereignty Over Obama’s General Government

    A Senate panel voted Thursday to fire a warning shot of sorts over the heads of federal law enforcement agencies: Don’t come around here unless you get local OK.

    The legislation, crafted by Rep. David Gowan, R-Sierra Vista, would require employees of those agencies to first notify the sheriff of the county “before taking any official law enforcement action in a county in this state.”


  124. cynkading says:

    btw, lots of good info over at the above web site…….

    I can’t believe John Edwards will have to repay this money….wow

  125. Fernley Girl says:

    When I was young I had pen pals. Maybe we’ll just have to turn into pen pals instead of blogging buddies. Unless they ban USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

  126. cynkading says:

    Fernley, I would be willing to write letters. I am not the best at it due to being a random kind of person. My kids thing I am a little out there.. :) But I am sure most of you have already picked up on that…..I skip around topics alot.

  127. Fernley Girl says:

    The tax on home sales exempts the first $250K in profits for a single person, and the first $500K for a couple. It won’t affect that many homeselllers.

  128. Fernley Girl says:

    One of the comments at ZH sez “Stellar Wind” = I fart in your general direction. :D

  129. A Crazy Old Coot says:

    Thanks everyone for the prayers. Each one goes stright to Gods ears and He DOES still work mircles!

  130. cjzak says:

    Coot my prayeers added too for your friend. She has the Lord’s loving grace surrounding her. I pray she gets well soon.

    Scary stuff posted tonight. I won’t give up my internet until they shut it down. Screw ‘em I’m posting til the lights are turned out. They’ll find a way to track everyone anyway so I’m not backing off. They want it to be hard for the citizens to communicate with each other. Plays right into their game plan. We need to throw some roadblocks out there when they start this crap.

    I can’t believe API/Sammy are still out there posting. This takes me back to the good old days waiting for the shoe to drop on Obama’s head. Too bad it was all a sham of large proportions. I thought Sammy would have been arrested or something by now.

    FG interesting note about the mortgage tax. I thought from all I’ve read that it was for everybody. Word going around our RE agency is that everybody would be included. Good to know that’s not true as it would really hit hard at the retirees and their assets.

  131. Fernley Girl says:

    I heard the info about the RE tax exemptions from a financial adviser who has a radio show here. He said there’s been lots of confusion. BUT, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some weasel words in there that act somewhere, and a slimy judge that would twist it in to whatever the government wants.

  132. cjzak says:

    Speaking of weasals here’s another tightening of the noose around our freedoms by a very ugly weasal. Not sure if this one was posted and apologize if it was. This is really taking the EO too far. When the He double L is our Congress going to wake up and stop this madman? Next will come the manufactured crisis that will let him take complete control. I am praying our military will save us in the end. Maybe the military leadership will bow down to Obamarama, but not the troops. Pray for us because we are entering the dark times. Wow this is bad.


  133. cjzak says:

    This is about as chilling a statement as I’ve ever read:

    “Developing human beings in the womb are treated simply as raw material for laboratory experimentation by StemCells Inc. and other companies seeking to monetize aborted unborn children.”

    Scott Fishback

  134. A Crazy Old Coot says:

  135. cabbyaz says:

    I was just getting ready to post about that E.O. signed on Mar. 16th by the “leader”. Here is a link to the entire E.O. (at end of the article) and it is frightening. I extracted a couple of statements that indicate this is not intended just for emergencies, like WWII was, but peacetime preparedness.


    Here are a couple of phrases that show how broad this E.O. is:
    “…….. when needed to meet defense requirements during peacetime, graduated mobilization, and national emergency.”

    …..”National defense” means programs for military and energy production or construction, military or critical infrastructure assistance to any foreign nation, homeland security, stockpiling, space, and any directly related activity.”   (“assistance to any foreign nation”? WOW!

  136. cabbyaz says:

    Coot, your friend is in my prayers, also. May God bring healing to this dear person.

  137. Dora says:

    The comments this morning are quite frightening. News of his latest EO has truly gotten me upset. He is a power hungry madman!

    What I also find upsetting – more upsetting than I can describe – is the fact that everything seems so normal. Day after day we hear about the coming election and the latest polls. The democrats are campaigning for their man. The media reports on the rallies, the speeches and all the rest of the fanfare. But everyone is ignoring the truth of what is going on.

    I must be caught in a dream sequence. I’m sure of it now. Someone wake me up! Please!

  138. Dora says:

    Coot – my prayers are with your friend.

    I will remember her especially when I am in church this morning.

  139. Troy says:

    The entire Breitbart organization is a fake and a phony….They are nothing more than controlled opposition for Obama….I won’t waste another second of my time looking at them….They want to expose Obama as being the communist that he is….Give me an effing break!….The whole world already knows he is a freaking commie…..That’s old news.

    Here is A REAL EYE OPENER about that group.

  140. nick@nite says:

    Troy, thanks for posting this about Breitbart. It is both shocking and revealing. Personally I don’t see how Obama’s associations are going to do anything. They didn’t last election and the simple fact that the MSM is reporting on this proves it is of no consequence. Journalism is dead, bloggers are the modern real truth but it won’t be long until we are unplugged as well. Great Post Troy!

  141. Katie says:

    Shapiro’s comments are disappointing, but not surprising. The info. is out there…millions of Americans know it, and so now what? You’ve had bills shut down, you’ve had the media shut down, you’ve had the DoJ threaten states…really, at this point, what would Breitbart do any different? So they’re going at the vetting process from a different angle, and I welcome it! Sheriff Joe has taken on the fraud’s documents, and if HE can’t get any traction, what is Ben Shapiro going to accomplish?

    Has Congressman Paul said ANYTHING different than what Shapiro just said? Nope.

  142. jrCarolinas says:

    Morning – I woke up too late to head to church. I sure hope this coming week in Tunica I can get caught up on my sleep.

    RE: The E.O. – I too see this as martial law plain and simple. Now comes the crack down.

    Also found interesting in the article that cj posted from the examiner: “The Obama administration appears to be preparing for a long drawn out war in the Middle East, or at the very least, an expected crisis that will require the need to override Constitutional authority and claim dominion over all resources in the United States under the guise of national defense.” Folks there IS a war coming in the ME and it would not surprise me if there are rockets exploding across America as well.

    Dora (more upsetting than I can describe – is the fact that everything seems so normal. ) JUST AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH – then WHAM

    Troy – I don’t know what to think about the Breitbart org. I can say that what they have exposed so far is NO big surprise. Like you say, it is nothing we don’t already know. But maybe it is to expose it to those who have been wearing blinders. To me it seems everything is being “controlled”.

    Going to grab me some breakfast and then I have 2 family members to do taxes for some time today. Started them last night but was too tired to finish.

  143. jrCarolinas says:

    but it won’t be long until we are unplugged as well.
    Nick, that is what I dread the most – being muffled.

  144. Katie says:

    Considering the ‘unusual’ death of Andrew Breitbart, there may be more behind the comments Shapiro made than we think. This comment is a smack on the forehead for all…I can’t imagine the threats the people at Breitbart are living under.

    Let’s just look at this for a minute.

    Governor Palin and Andrew Breitbart stepped up at CPAC and essentially told obama we’re coming for him.

    Governor Palin has said she’s ready to serve if called.

    Governo Palin’s influence on the primary process has been significant and undeniable.

    Governor Palin has been very visible and outspoken in recent weeks, repeatedly taking obama to the woodshed in very clear and direct terms.

    Andrew Breitbart promised and was on the verge of releasing a large amount of damning information on the unvetted obama. That promise is being posthumously filled.

    Sheriff Arpiao’s investigative team concluded and was on the eve of releasing its findings, when, 3 hours after they spoke, Andrew went for a late night walk and allegedly dropped dead of natural causes, which have yet to be confirmed as the cause of death.

    News of Andrew’s death, the Sheriff’s findings and Andrew’s final work were all completely overshadowed by obama’s attack on religious freedom, the filthy fluker story and the hbo hit piece, game change.

    Meanwhile, many innocent members of our armed forces were murdered in A-stan after following orders to burn defaced korans, whereupon our fraudulent commander in chief threw them to the dogs.

    The following week a US Marine on his 4th tour of combat duty allegedly went on a rampage and killed several Afghanis.

    Last week we learned our Marines had been disarmed in a war zone in order to be addressed by Leon Panetta, a dangerous and unprecedented move ordered by unidentified military commanders.

    Last week obama called those who want to use our energy resources ‘flat earthers.’

    And now we learn that late Friday he signed an unprecedented and radically expansive executive order setting the stage for peacetime martial law stripping every American of their rights and freedom.


    Not a chance.

    He’s desperate, and things are reaching a very tenuous point.

    What’s next? UN troops? Arrests of his political enemies? Shutting down the internet? A false flag event?

    Have I missed something?


  145. Katie says:

    Today I’m hosting a welcome home celebration for my adopted airman. I’m going to focus on what is good in America, and fuss over someone and his parents who sacrificed more than most to save it.

    Tomorrow will be back to the same old crappola.

    Cabby – hope you’re safely hunkered down and get through this massive blizzard with nothing more than some good moisture for greening things up and helping the cactus bloom.

  146. cabbyaz says:

    This Executive Order is far more than the usual martial law situation. it would appear that it can be applied ANYTIME, if it is deemed for the furtherance of “national defense”; plus it not only would deprive us of our freedoms but of our property, too, at the whim of some governmental agency. We are reaching critical mass here. Folks who have stockpiled food, etc., may not be secure at all, since the stuff could be confiscated in the “national security interest.”

    Dora, I agree that it seems that the rest of the country, including some people like Allen West and other good ones, are deaf and speechless. Add to this EO the recently signed bill making it a crime to protest if secret service agents are present. This could just about stifle free speech at townhall meetings held by senators and representatives. Then before that (goodness, I can’t keep up with it all – eyes glaze over) there was signed into law another massive bill which Congress overwhelmingly passed to limit our rights even more. We are in deep trouble!

    Katie, I do wonder if Breitbart and Company are using a tactic to concentrate on the original game plan – “expose the media big time”. This is a staged process, imho. There are still more chapters to be released. If Shapiro et al were to add to the mix AT THIS POINT the eligibility issue, it could alienate the MSM to the point that the Breitbart folks would lose the battle. First things first. There could well be a smart strategy here, although it is disheartening for us to hear Shapiro’s denial. This is psychological WAR, and war tactics have to be employed. That includes “disarming” the enemy. Just thoughts.

    Well, we have a winter wonderland here! Four or five inches of snow and more to come today and tomorrow, when the temp. drops even further. My client will just have to wait another day, or so, because I’m not getting out tomorrow to go to post office.

  147. Fernley Girl says:

    Here’s a comment regarding a false flag event. It’s sort of long and convoluted, and it will be easier to read if you ignore the parts in italics, then go back and read the italicized content. You need to scroll down a bit from the top of the page to find the beginning of the comment. Sure made sense to me.


  148. Fernley Girl says:

    Too many interesting headlines to link to, and you can’t get the whole story without subscribing, but you can get the headlines and the first paragraph. Lots of stuff going on in the ME that the LSM isn’t talking about. (And, a little nugget from James Carville talking about Zero: “I think the Republicans can’t beat him but events can.”)

    If you have the time and interest check out:


  149. Fernley Girl says:

    Another account of problems at a different MO caucus:


  150. jrCarolinas says:

    Debka is one of my favorite sites.

    Lord have mercy on us. I too believe zero and the PTB are running scared thus all that is taking place. Here comes the crap and you better believe that the SCOTUS’s will say that Ocare insurance mandates are constitutional.

  151. A Crazy Old Coot says:

    Time for a smile. This is a old one, but still good.

    There I was sitting at the bar staring at my drink when a large, trouble-making biker steps up next to me, grabs my drink and gulps it down in one swig.
    “Well, whatcha’ gonna do about it?” he says, menacingly, as I burst into tears.
    “Come on, man,” the biker says, “I didn’t think you’d CRY. I can’t stand to see a man crying.”

    “This is the worst day of my life,” I say. “I’m a complete failure. I was late to a meeting and my boss fired me. When I went to the parking lot, I found my car had been stolen and I don’t have any insurance. I left my wallet in the cab I took home. I found my wife with another man . . . and then my dog bit me.”

    “So . . . I came to this bar to work up the courage to put an end to it all, I buy a drink, I drop a capsule in and sit here watching the poison dissolve; and then you show up and drink the whole damn thing!…. But, enough about me, how are you doing?”

  152. jrCarolinas says:

  153. cjzak says:

    Ed Morrisey over at HA thinks that EO power grab is not a big deal. His better informed commenters think otherwise by a large majority. Here’s the link:


  154. cabbyaz says:

    Regardless of whether this E.O. is an extension of the ones that have preceded it, the difference is that we don’t trust the man in the W.H. Never before in the history of our country have we had such a person as this sitting in the oval office. His roots are all obscured, he is hiding vital documents and has sinister plans for the U.S. We may not have liked some former presidents, but none has come close to the unworthiness of this one.

    So the point is, we are probably just discovering much of what was already sitting there available for use by a president if the need arises. The difference here is that this one is very capable of creating a “need” so that the provisions of the E.O. can be implemented as he so chooses. This E.O. and the others preceding it give entirely too much power to the executive branch, imho.

  155. Katie says:

    What a day we had. My ‘adopted’ airman and his mom and dad just left. Joining us was my family and three dogs. It was crazy and chaotic and lots of laughs.

    He was in a very specialized unit in Afghanistan so I won’t use names for obvious reasons, but he made two short films of their life over there and showed them to us. It’s a dismal and dangerous place to say the least, but he’s proud of what they accomplished and glad to be home.

    So’s his mom and dad!

    JR – have a GREAT time and may lady luck bring you a BIG win! Safe travels…

  156. Dora says:

    jr – have a wonderful trip. I hope you have a big win, a lot of fun and all the rest you need.

    You will be missed on this site.

  157. cjzak says:

    jr we’re gonna miss you this week! Have fun and I hope you win some extra dollars to bring home with you. We’ll try and hold the fort while you’re gone. With our fearless blog monitor aka Troy, we’ll be safe from the bad guys. Enjoy!!!

  158. Troy says:

    Has Congressman Paul said ANYTHING different than what Shapiro just said? Nope.
    Has Sarah Palin???….Triple NOPE!!!

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