I have to say that these last 3 yrs have been very long.  Maybe not the longest I have experienced as I never thought I would get through those years before my retirement.  I literally counted the months, weeks, days; even the minutes.  But I fear that these next 12 months will be just as long; however, there is one difference in this scenario – the build up of frustration and anger instead of relief that a goal will be met.  It will be like living on the edge every minute of your life.

While we all strive to stay informed – I think we have mastered the technique to pull back and recoup and bring some laughter in our lives.  I am encouraging everyone to do that while we can these next few months, because the time is coming when the suspense of what is taking place daily will be so immense.  I for one hate waiting and have no patience.  Patience is one thing I pray for each day; but alas, it always seems to evade my being.

So as we begin the holiday seasons, take time to cherish the things you love and the ones you love and gird yourself with the things that will make you strong.  NO – not the xanax or prozac, the wine or liquor bottle but this:

Ephesians 6: 11 – Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.





The only one you might not know is the one in the middle

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212 Responses to ONE YEAR LEFT – GRAB THE XANAX !!!!

  1. Katie says:

    I prefer Valium… ;-)

    THIS picture makes me smile…does that count?

  2. jrCarolinas says:

    Hehehe – looks good to me too

  3. cynkading says:

    Confirmed: Obama Administration Is Calling Families of Dead Terrorists & Apologizing

  4. cynkading says:

    Don’t know if this has been posted or not. Interesting…….

    Obama was briefed in June about Iran jihad terror plot in U.S.

  5. jrCarolinas says:

    I mentioned last night that I caught only a brief glimpse of Cain blasting Paul. Here is what it was all about (to include the video). It is a shame that those who saw the debate and what took place won’t know the real story. That scene is one of many last night that dropped Cain down a few notches in my book and this just dropped him even further.

    Fed Insider Cain Caught In Brazen Debate Lie

  6. Dora says:

    Breaking – Signatures Forged on Obama Ballot!

    Former Gov. Joe Kernan says a signature on a petition to place Barack Obama’s name on Indiana’s 2008 primary ballot isn’t his, putting him among dozens of dubious signatures found in a newspaper’s investigation. Kernan, a Democrat who campaigned for Hillary Clinton during the 2008 primary, told the South Bend Tribune that he didn’t sign the Obama document.,0,1203433.story?track=rss

    It’s a little late now, but the truth is coming out.

  7. Troy says:

    If they look far and wide they’ll find forged sinatures all across the country.

    I took Barnhadt’s statement about “sunrising in the west” to mean western civilization (US) will be taking back our country in the 2012 selection….I know Ann is a sharp lady so surely she must know that there will most likely not be an election…..Sure do like her!….She’s also single, but I can’t imagine any man bold enough to take her on. :shock: :lol:

  8. Dora says:

    I saw a bit of this speech on TV a little while ago and it creeped me out!

    He is – once again – acting the role of a dictator while congress, the media and the people do nothing.

    Very disturbing.

  9. cjzak says:

    Valium is my choice too. Very smooth. It is something I almost nee# this evening.

    My firstborn an I ha# a hot converstion this morning. He’s not very happy with me right now. It all began because he’s upset that I am learning how to shoot a gun. You must un#erstan# he is a raving liberal. We usually tip-toe aroun# the subject of politics or libs vs. conservatives like the plague. Subject came up this morning an the fun began. Not pretty. I went to work in a less than happy moo#. Oh well. He’ll get over it sometime in the future when he realizes how liberalism is a backbreaker for a successful society. He loves to insinuate it’s all racism on the Conservative’s part, inclu#ing me. It’s all because Obama is black an conservatives #o not like blacks. All the protests starte# when Obama was electe# so this means racism to him. I pointe# out that it was at that time that the economy fell apart, but that apparently isn’t very relevant. The thing that I thought was very sa# was his insistence that none of this is Obama’s fault. He’s never been given a “fair chance” to make it all work Mom. Of course.

    Wow. My beautiful son. I can’t believe it. He’s bought the whole thing hook, line an sinker just as the Obama regime wants people to. Where have I gone wrong? No more mention of any of this in my house for a long time. Yikes, it wasn’t pretty. I’m not sure if I’m more amaze# at his #eep seate# feelings(I knew he was liberal thinking but, really this much?) on all this or just plain hurt. Oh, by the way, I’m still planning on learning how to shoot a gun. I also still love him with all my heart.

  10. Troy says:

    burn this video onto a CD and tell your son to “unplug the bananas from his ears and open up his eyes” and make him watch this interview.

  11. jrCarolinas says:

    cj – your son sounds like my brother, did, sound. I left him alone for the last year concerning politics and he discovered on his own; namely, because all of his friends were seeing through BO. Not because of me. I agree with Troy – down load a youtube downloader – (I use Free You Tube Downloader) and download that youtube on a cd. Tell him to do you a favor and at least just listen to it. Then Leave Him Alone. You continue to do what you must do to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

  12. jrCarolinas says:

    Well I am off to choir practice – BBL

  13. Troy says:

    I have now come to the conclusion that Herman Cain is a Trojan Horse….He is the NWO new kid for the international banking cartel and sock puppet of the CFR….If I have to hear the words “nine, nine, nine” one more time I’m going to puke….Who was the last person to use catch phrases as marketing tools/brainwashing?….”Hope and Change” and “Yes We Can” continually, over and over and over again….It’s a form of brainwashing, people!

    Same methods, different candidate, backed by the same cabal….Cain is nothing more than a slick used car salesman and 999 / 666 is the lemon that he is selling….He’s an effing FAKE!!!

    Don’t believe me?….Just watch and see.

  14. Katie says:

    cjzak – it’s becoming clearer to me how the nation was so divided during the civil war. Breaking apart families and friends is part of the plan, and we’re all feeling it. It had to be especially hard when it’s your own child.

    You’ve got to know you did nothing wrong. JR is right – he’ll have to reach the conclusion on his own, and he will when it really starts to affect him. In the meantime, I think your keyboard issues make for even more entertaining comments. I especially like this one:

    “I went to work in a less than happy moo”. Works for me! :-)

    Here’s a link to a group of charts that we should all keep on hand. The numbers don’t lie, and they don’t care what color skin is.

    P.S. Troy – I agree with you on Cain.

  15. Dora says:

    cjzak – you didn’t do anything wrong. Please don’t think that.

    I have 2 younger brothers. The youngest one is conservative like me. Even more so, if that’s possible. The other brother is such a leftist that I consider him radical. I try to avoid any political discussions because these conversations always get heated.

    We came from a traditional family. Dad worked; Mom remained home. The 3 children went to school. It was as close to Ozzie & Harriet as you can get. And yet, we all turned out differently.

    Nobody can really explain why things turn out the way they do, but it is definitely not your fault. Please erase that thought from your mind.

  16. jrCarolinas says:

    :lol: I have to agree with Katie – cj – I am kind of liking that your “d” key doesn’t work. It makes me laugh and I need all the laughter I can get.

    Good advice coming your way cj – I know it will be very hard to do, but you have to, as my Mom says, “Let Maude Kick Him”.

    Troy, I said that on the previous thread about the “999″ plan – I am sick of it and you are right – he is a fake – he has been bothering me for a few weeks and last night I got hit between the eyes and I saw him very clearly for what he is or should I say what he isn’t.

  17. Dora says:

    Another shocker from obama!

    In yet another stunning attack on freedom of religion, President Barack Obama’s Justice Department asked the Supreme Court last week to give the federal government the power to tell a church who its ministers will be.

  18. cjzak says:

    Ahh thanks sooo much Heyoka tribe. I am grateful that you are all so supportive. I know he will come aroun# eventually. Just very frustrating to see someone you love get so out of touch with common sense. I will copy the YouTube from above. Maybe he’ll watch it sometime for me.

    I am agreeing with you all re Cain. But he seems like such a great guy, sort of like the current Pres. Whatever are we going to #o? We must elect ABO. I am so sick of the ‘Romney is the guy’ stuff that is coming from everywhere in the me#ia. Blaaah. Why is he any #ifferent than the last time he ran? Wasn’t so hot then either. Gosh I wish Sarah was running.

    Well I’m gla# the missing letter on my computer is amusing an not annoying you all. I am getting a bit tire# of it though. Seems cleaning is not the answer. Have to talk to Hubby re what to #o now.

  19. Troy says:

    Well I’m gla# the missing letter on my computer is amusing an not annoying you all. I am getting a bit tire# of it though. Seems cleaning is not the answer. Have to talk to Hubby re what to #o now.
    Are you using a laptop?….If not, just try a new keyboard…They’re really cheap.

  20. cjzak says:

    Thanks Troy but it’s a laptop.

    This is so eye-opening re the OWS movement. Wow if true this shoul# be sent everywhere.

  21. Katie says:

    American Autumn? More like the American Fall…

  22. Troy says:

    Hey, cj…My dad works on laptops….Tomorrow, I’ll ask him about your “D” problem and if it costs much to replace the keyboard pad on a laptop….I’ll let you know what he says so that no one tries to take advantage of you if you take in for repair.

  23. cjzak says:

    Thank you very much Mr. Troy!!

  24. Troy says:

    Erickson says Romney believes:

    •He will become a “god” in the afterlife and be given his own planet
    •Satan is Jesus’ literal brother
    •Jesus was not born of a virgin birth
    •He will be given his own afterlife kingdom where he will have sexual relations with his wife, Ann, to populate his kingdom with spirit children as God the Father Himself has a wife on His own planet.

    Read more: Daughter of Mormon bishop flays Romney’s ‘horrific’ faith :shock:

  25. cynkading says:

    Just stopping by to say hi. Had Bible study tonight and just getting settled in. Catching up on posts.

    Cj, you are such a wonderful lady and I am sure a fantastic mother. I believe your son will see the light in time as everyone as stated. My oldest hates for me to even say anything about politics or Obama. She starts getting an attitude when I bring topics up that I feel she needs to know. Denial…..just living in a state of denial that things are going south. She is not a registered voter nor has she ever voted in any election. Don’t think that I have not spoken to her about how very important the process of voting is.

    I guess things are going to have to get worse before she truly gets how important elections are.

  26. glorygal says:

    CJ – for what it’s worth, a couple of years ago my dog hit my elbow as I was sitting at the table with my laptop, drinking some coffee. Needless to say it sent coffee flying everywhere and all over the keyboard – killed it! Got online from another computer, ordered a new one and I think it cost me maybe $15. I found instructions online and fixed it in just a few minutes! Might be worth a shot for not much investment.

  27. Troy says:

    CJ, I just asked my dad about your keyboard problem and he pretty much said what Glorygal told you…..He said to type into a search engine what type of laptop and “replace keyboard”….He said a keyboard would be around $15.00 and there will be easy to follow instructions to replace it (usually pop up/off a small plastic panel, remove a couple of screws, unplug wiring ribbon and lift off old keypad – reverse process to install new one – 5 to 10 minute repair job)….You or you husband should be able to do this pretty easy….He said if you take it in for repair you will be charged $75.00 – $100.00…..Hope this helps.

    Also, I would not be surprised if you typed your info into a search engine (Google) and added “You Tube” to the end of your search and were able to find a video of someone replacing the keyboard….If I were a betting man, I’d say you definitely will find a “How To” video. :D

  28. Troy says:

    My search words: replace laptop keyboard instructions you tube

    There were MANY videos

  29. Troy says:

    Durus October 13, 2011 at 6:02 am

    Breaking: new evidence shows Hillary a mastermind behind Gunwalker
    Anthony Martin, Conservative Examiner

    Last week it was reported that the State Department and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were deeply involved in the scandal known as Operation Fast and Furious, or Project Gunwalker. Today, however, new evidence has surfaced indicating that not only was Hillary deeply involved in the scandal but was one of the masterminds behind it.

    Read more:

  30. Dora says:

    Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. ,,,,,,,,,said that Obama should “declare a national emergency” and take “extra-constitutional” action “administratively” ­ without the approval of Congress ­ to tackle unemployment.

    Martial law is looking more possible all the time.

  31. cjzak says:

    Hi!! Wow you people are just great. Thanks so much for the info re my keyboar#. I #i#n’t realize a laptop keyboar# can be replace#!! I’m going to check into it when I get home from work later.

    Obama will take Hillary #own with him or blame her totally. She isn’t an innocent in any political intrigue though. We all know that. Maybe they want to insure she an her gang aren’t plotting a challenge to OB for next year. Tarnish her now. Soros pushing this issue maybe?? The mystery continues re Obama an his role with the sha#ow people.

  32. cjzak says:

    Thanks also to you Cynka an# Glory for the support re my issue with my son yester#ay. Much appreciate#!!

    Back to work!

  33. jrCarolinas says:

    What Could Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan Mean For You?

    The Cain campaign says that his plan will not hurt people with lower incomes because under his plan employers would save $4,000 in social security taxes. That money could then be passed along to the employees creating a system in which everyone benefits.

    From the scenario given in the article, I would venture to say this plan will have a devastating effect on many. — Does he honestly think that employers will pass on that money?????? I DON’T.

  34. Katie says:

    Not to mention the first TV commercial. Allow me.

    The evil Republicans want to make your bread and milk for your little babies so expensive that they’ll die.


  35. jrCarolinas says:

    Well I got good news – no cat scratch disease or lupus. My Dr thinks I apparently suffered nerve damage in my leg from the bite thus the pain that goes down to my foot and up my leg to the knee. In time the nerves will reroute and it should get better. He also thinks that because I have had such a stressful year that it is just all catching up with me and possibly why I am tired so much and sleeping. Have to say this past week I have not slept in the afternoon like I had been. So maybe it was just a phase after all. Anyway – I am not going to worry about it and I will just put muscle rub on my leg and foot when it gets too painful and prop it up. I am however going to keep my appointment with the rheumatologist as I do have osteoarthritis in my hands and spine. So much for getting old :)

  36. jrCarolinas says:

    Cain names Jim DeMint, Paul Ryan as possible 2012 vice presidential picks

  37. Troy says:

    Take a look at the expression on Judge Napolitano’s face and it speaks a thousand words….I’ve never seen him look like that before….He has the look of a defeated man on his face….It’s all in the eyes!

  38. Troy says:


    “No information about plot exists within FBI channels”

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Wednesday, October 13, 2011


    “It has also served as a useful distraction for Attorney General Eric Holder, who is currently under investigation for his role in the infamous Fast and Furious program, which saw the federal government deliver thousands of military-grade weapons to leaders of Mexican drug gangs.

    Read More Here:

  39. Katie says:

    Keep your eyes and ears on Denver starting tomorrow. The occupation is ratcheting up and the Lions Club have a permit for the same area for a big event on Saturday.

    If there’s going to be a riot…it could just start here.

  40. jrCarolinas says:

    BO and cronies want rioting with a passion. They definitely have stepped up their efforts. I know that we are suppose to turn the other cheek – but just how many times are we suppose to do that?? This stuff is really starting to get scary. I do believe the assassination deal is a set-up to take the heat off Holder/BO. My thing here lately is watching the “eyes” – I can literally see evil in so many.

  41. Troy says:

    I knew the Iranian hit plot was a fake as soon as it was reported….Wanna know how I knew?…Because every last single news agency simultaneously started reporting / parroting it IMMEDIATELY and without one single news crew INVESTIGATING it….They ALL took their marching orders from the government to start spewing the lie without hesitation and without so much as looking into it….It was a CLASSIC propaganda machine in action….ALL FAKE!!!

  42. jrCarolinas says:

    Plus it is NOT a big issue on the news sites in the mid east either other than reporting that BO said he could prove it.

  43. jrCarolinas says:

    Reagan Economist Breaks Down 999 Plan (video)

    So who is right?????????? I guess my govt-caused suspicious nature just won’t let me see this 999 plan as good.

  44. jrCarolinas says:

    I find myself getting closer and closer to NOT voting in the primary. I will be like Troy says when it is time to vote in the final election (if there is one) – Hold My Nose and vote for whoever is running against Duh Won.

  45. jrCarolinas says:

    Again – it is in the “eyes” – lying sack of cow pies

  46. Troy says:

    That’s all we can do and then watch the new pres like a freakin’ hawk….If and when he starts pulling communist crap on us then we go into full mode to get him out of office next….There really is nothing else we can do until the day that the citizenry at large storms DC and starts physically dragging these criminals out of their offices and placing them under citizen’s arrest.

  47. jrCarolinas says:

    Take a look in the thread and SEE the “eyes” – I am sure you will be able to recognize at least 2 of them. I will let you know who the one is that you might not be able to get.

  48. Troy says:

    Holder on the left, Obama on the right and Panetta in the middle

  49. Troy says:

    or possibly Newt Gingrich in the middle

    or maybe Mike Mullen in the middle…That’s it, that’s my official guess – Mike Mullen

  50. jrCarolinas says:

    I made the one in the middle just a tad bigger to give a better view. The point I am trying to make with this is the evilness shown – they all have one thing in common with their look (even though BO’s picture not that clear)

  51. jrCarolinas says:

    Tea Party Launches Attacks on ‘Occupy Wall Street’

    And their point is likely to be driven home on Friday when a major confrontation between police and the Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York is predicted.

    Based on what Katie posted about watching Denver and this – I am afraid things may get very nasty this weekend from the “occupiers”.

  52. jrCarolinas says:

    Just saw that someone posted over at CW’s that Cain’s strongest point is that he is NOT a politician. Now that much I can agree with. I do like the fact he is a business man, BUT – and I can’t answer the but because I only just have a feeling that there is a “but” at this very point. However, it is all subject to change.

    I was also reading an article about his wife just yesterday. She has an heart implant device so I don’t think she will be in the limelight very much as a president’s wife, just as she is not in his campaign.
    Herman Cain: My wife will not be traditional ‘campaign wife’

  53. Troy says:

    It’s a mistake for the Tea Party to get sucked into the OWS protests….It’s just what these communist assholes have been hoping for…..These protests are exactly why a LARGE well regulated militia is needed in every state….You don’t go and try to counter protests these communist animals – you go in and crack skulls.

  54. jrCarolinas says:

    Well I am thankful I don’t live in or around a big city. Not saying that things can’t happen in my little neck of the woods, but it is more apt to occur in the larger cities. As has been voiced on here before – if you can move – I would move now.

  55. Troy says:

    You know what pisses me off?….When there is a frickin’ G-20 Summit there are stormtroopers everywhere billy clubbing the hell out of anything that moves, but when you have a US city crawling with communist street agitators there isn’t a robocop in sight….Where are all of the assholes dressed in black body armor, weilding billy clubs, using IRAD audio weapons and releasing the dobermans and german sheperds….When there is a legitimate reason to send in the freakin stormtroopers they are nowhere to be seen.

  56. Katie says:

    The hypocrisy won’t surprise any of you.

    The Sunday that the deathcare bill ‘passed’, we went to the Capitol steps along with about 300 somber citizens to gather with our American flags, our Gadsden flags, to be among people who understood the murder of the Constitution on that day.

    We were quiet, we were respectful and we didn’t see a piece of trash. After about 90 mins. we were ordered to leave by the police because we didn’t have a permit. On a Sunday. Not blocking traffic. Not making any noise. No drugs. No pissing and crapping on public property. Just standing around talking.


    Hello? Anyone see a double standard????

    The group that has a permit for the whole park area in downtown Denver isn’t the Lions Club as I wrote earlier. It’s the Knight of Columbus. And our squishy, spineless governor John Hickenlooper (who I did my best to help defeat last year with no thanks to that turncoat Tom Tancredo) is no different than Bloomberg. Gosh, we don’t want to infringe on their free speech.

    Stay tuned. It’s going to get interesting.

  57. jrCarolinas says:

    I just learned something tonight – I have always known that this was not in the Bible, as some think it is – but now I know where it came from thanks to LC:

    “to quote Joan of Arc at the University of Poitiers, “He helps those who help themselves. The French will fight and God will provide the victory”.”

  58. jrCarolinas says:

    Katie – that is because DHS says WE are the terrorists.

    Troy, you just may have had a glimpse of what will be coming this weekend in NYC as those occupiers will NOT leave peacefully.

  59. Troy says:

    Too bad there are no ministers left like this guy….He starts at the 2:20 mark.

  60. jrCarolinas says:

    There are a few Troy, but they tread lightly when they should be stomping loud. I push my pastor all the time and then he lets it all out in one of his sermons. Just wish he would do more to wake everyone up.

  61. jrCarolinas says:

    But that is OK, we are getting ready to have revival starting the first Sunday in November and the evangelist that is coming I went to school with and he lays it on thick. I like to say he is an end-times preacher and he ties it all in with what is taking place in our nation. So on that Sunday through Wednesday I will definitely be in the congregation.

  62. Troy says:

    Bilingual voting ballots ordered in 25 states

    Effers can’t understand one flippin’ word of English, but yet they are going to vote for a candidate who has never spoke a single word of Spanish to them…..So, if they listen to a debate they have to rely on a translation….You don’t suppose the translators could have an agenda and twist a few words, do ya?….If you come to this country then learn the language or GET THE HELL OUT!!!!

  63. Troy says:

    Presidential Candidate Will Challenge Obama’s Eligibility “A MALIGNANT CANCER CALLED ‘CAREER POLITICS’”
    by Sharon Rondeau

  64. Dora says:

    Breitbart: I Have E-Mails Showing Organized Plan For #OccupyWallStreet Protests To Destabilize Government

    Thanks for posting that Troy.

    Ordinarily I really enjoy living in my town on Long Island. It’s only a one hour ride on the train to the city where so many things are always going on and there is so much to see. When stuff like this is happening though, even an hour distance is too close. I think I will be staying in the house today.

    Pray for the safety of the innocent people in NYC. If you are not a praying person, then do a rain dance. A good storm would be more helpful to the situation than the NYPD.

  65. Dora says:

    I didn’t want to see violence in Zucotti Park, but I didn’t want to see this either:

    The mayor and police commissioner backed down. What are they afraid of? What do they think is going to happen now – the demonstrators will just quietly go away?

    Now these damn commies and overgrown hippies will be sleeping in the park and infecting lower NYC until the winter cold or a snow storm does the job of the authorities.

    I am pi**ed off!

  66. jrCarolinas says:

    Great videos. I am not surprised by any of this. However, I was shocked to see that Bloomberg called off the cleanup and the protestors did it themselves. It has all been scripted. Is it a push to make “real” people revolt?????? I say yes.

  67. Troy says:

    Is it a push to make “real” people revolt?????? I say yes.
    That’s what I’ve been saying….They’re trying to get the Tea Party (real people) sucked into this fake protest.

    Clashing in the US streets, terrorists slipping across the border and war on Iran = martial law = no election

  68. Troy says:

    Every bit of it is planned and staged and Bloomberg is one of the key players to make sure a particular outcome is achieved….He is a criminal.

  69. cjzak says:

    The whole thing IS planne#. I poste# this link the other #ay an if true, it explains alot. There are so many other backers out there that are pushing the chaos an upheavel that it is almost a whole page long.

  70. cjzak says:

    #ora, #o you see our state taxes being flushe# #own the rabbit-hole along with the waste these filthy protesters are leaving behin#? Who #o they think is paying for their little vacation in the big city??? Obviously they coul# care less. Why aren’t we NYer’s screaming at the top of our lungs re the cost of it all??? State taxes go to the city to fun# all sorts of things. You know some of that/our money is going right to this little game of chicken.

  71. Dora says:

    cjzak – you are right and I am furious.

    I was getting more and more angry as the weeks went on, but I thought it would finally be over this morning. When Bloomberg and Co gave in to the protesters, I could feel my blood boiling.

    You description of a vacation is accurate in my opinion. Not all, but many of the protesters are partying, playing music, smoking drugs and of course having plenty of sex. Sympathizers are actually handing out condems to the crowd. Many homeless people have wandered into the camp to enjoy the food and whatever else is being offered.

    And we are paying for it!

    I can’t understand how this could be going on in a civilized city in a civilized country. I guess maybe we aren’t that civilized anymore.

    BTW I love the way you spell my name – #ora. It’s so cute. :-)

  72. Troy says:

    WWIII to start within two weeks

  73. Troy says:

    Obama’s plan will be to sucker Israel into striking Iran and to promise Israel U.S. backing / support….When the entire middle east surrounds Israel on all borders Obama will sit on his hands and allow his musloid buddies to fillet Israel….In other words – it’s a double-cross.

    What is going to happen in reality is that Israel, all on it’s own, is going to defeat them all….This is the beginning of the third world war.

  74. jrCarolinas says:

    It will set the stage for The Psalms 83 war and the Ezekiel War – It WILL happen

  75. Dora says:

    Obama pulls plug on part of health overhaul law

    I don’t know how this will effect the Supreme Court decision on obamacare.

  76. Dora says:

    jr – I was curious about the Psalms War, so I did a google:

    Wow. It sounds like what is happening now. In fact, it doesn’t just sound like – it IS what’s happening now!


  77. jrCarolinas says:

    Wasn’t there something in the BOcare bill that said it was NOT SEVERABLE ???????

  78. jrCarolinas says:

    Yep – here it is – The bill passed by the House and Senate did not include a severability clause. Most big pieces of legislation include such a clause, which typically explains that “invalidity or unenforceability of one or more provisions of this Agreement shall not affect any other provision of this Agreement.”

    How the Democrats gave a conservative judge an opening to invalidate the health care law.

  79. jrCarolinas says:

    Darn it – there is precedent set – Free Enterprise Fund v. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, 561 U.S. ___ (2010). Sarbanes-Oxley also lacks a severability clause.

  80. Troy says:

    The dangers of leftist brainwashing via public education and college shown up close….This is what you end up with…..They can’t even form a coherent sentence and aren’t really sure exactly what it is they’re protesting….They’re there because they’ve been told that they are suppose to be there….I would love to see IQ scores from these intelectuals.

  81. jrCarolinas says:

    I have posted this many times in the past, but here is a very good site that ties current events to Bible prophecy. I have posted many things from this site here on our blog. He does make a few errors in writing, but that is because I think so much is running through his head and he is trying to get it all put in black and white.

  82. jrCarolinas says:

    Wow – I just looked at our stats and on Oct 7, we had 2,038 views – that is the most we have EVER had. Seems we had over 1800 hits on “Legend of the Dream Catcher”. Must have been a school assignment on Dream Catchers – :)

  83. Troy says:

    Wow, I wonder what attracted so many visitors….Our posts are A-political and benign….What I like is people stopping in with no political interests at the time and then hopefully read some of the comments and learn a few things.

    I pretty much never discuss world affairs or politics with my everyday “running buddies” / friends…..This evening I was on the phone with a friend of mine and the conversation accidentally slipped off into the subject of our current government….It turns out that he didn’t even know the federal reserve was not a government entity and was privately owned by a small cabal of international banksters….He was shocked.

  84. cynkading says:

    This pizzed me off…..
    Olive Garden: American flag display would disrupt dining experience

    Read more:

  85. jrCarolinas says:

    Troy, I would venture to say that there are quite a few who don’t know that, plus a whole lot more. The only reason I do is that I LOVED US History. I had planned on becoming a history/civics teacher, but got side tracked and worked for the govt instead. Sure wish I had become the history teacher instead.

  86. jrCarolinas says:

    Gee, I wonder if I can get that instead of my measly retirement??? :)

  87. A Crazy Old Coot says:

    Can I get that $40,000 too. I promise not to work!!

  88. cjzak says:

    jr,Troy-so that means if we all go on unemployment we get a salary of $40,000? I’m getting fire# tomorrow if that’s the case. Way more than I make at my part time position at the school. sheeesh this is so ri#iculous. What a clown Jess is. No brains.

    #ora- if there was some way to get Schumer gone then put me in line first to make it happen. He’s like a lock for any election he runs in until he kicks the bucket imo. Loser NY voters will keep him going forever.

    Israel will take care of itself with or without us. They will fight until there is no one left stan#ing. Will the muzzies really risk annihalation to try to get ri# of the Israelis? Maybe they are lunatic enough to try it. There woul# be nothing but san# left over there for thousan#s of miles if they go at each other. Will they? I’m not sure even though the Bible seems to be pointing us that way. But is this the time that is spoken of in the Bible? That’s the question. We may know soon enough.

  89. cjzak says:

    They continue to break the laws of our country an# #o it in plain sight now, without a care that they are committing crimes with our tax monies. When are we going to get angry enough to stop this looting? It is beyon# ri#iculous that we allow this stuff to continue.

  90. cjzak says:

    This shoul# blow up the whole lot of them. But it won’t. There is no justice, law or honesty anymore in American government.

  91. Katie says:

    Disgusted by both the GOP and Demosocialists??? Well, we’re not alone. Somebody is rattling some cages. :-)

  92. Troy says:

    FBI begins recording call-ins
    Posted: October 14, 2011
    11:35 am Eastern

    © 2011

    Next time you call a talk radio station, beware: The FBI may be listening.

    According to, “The FBI has awarded a $524,927 contract to a Virginia company to record as much radio news and talk programming as it can find on the Internet. … The FBI says it is not playing Big Brother by policing the airwaves, but rather seeking access to what airs as potential evidence.”

    Read more: FBI begins recording call-ins

  93. Troy says:

    State Representative to Congress: Obama Guilty of Treason Against the United States
    October, 14 2011

    New Hampshire State Representative Harry Accornero has named Obama in the commission of treason against the United States
    Open letter to all Members of Congress,

    I am formally asking you to bring a commission of treason against Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.


  94. Dora says:

    Katie – what do you think this means? It’s being called an earthquake.

    Do you think Sarah is considering a run as a 3rd party candidate?

    I’m not sure how I feel about that. As a person who still very much regrets voting for Ross Perot, I can tell you that 3rd party candidates never win. They usually are spoilers.

    I hope Sarah makes the right decision.

  95. Katie says:

    Dora – go back and read the comments. There are some wise people on that site (there are also some who are very naive, so you have to use your mental filter to weed them out).

    I’m not sure what it means, if anything. Sarah could just be rattling cages or have a plan. She’s said on numerous occasions that this election will be “unconventional”, and so far there’s nothing unusual about this process, except that millions of voters are NOT happy with their choices.

    As a former Perot voter myself, this time is very different than the last. We keep focusing on the republicans who are disgusted but now there’s a whole PUMA movement who is just as disgusted with the Dems. Knowing what I know now about GHW Bush, I have no regrets. All three choices were bad for our Constitutional Republic. But until you see The Undefeated, you don’t know how well Gov. Palin worked with both parties to bring on positive and effective reform for the citizens of Alaska.

    I don’t know what she plans on doing, but I do know this. She’s not done and The Mama Grizzly bears watching (pun intended :-) )

  96. Troy says:

    I don’t know why anyone would regret voting for Perot.

    Watch this documentary

  97. jrCarolinas says:

    Morning everyone – I can tell you right now that if Sarah or even anyone else establishes a 3rd party my vote will go to them. Why – because I am fed up with the establishment (Dem/Repub). Throwing my vote away???? Well I may be. But what if everyone did that?????? I am even contemplating changing my party affiliation to Unaffiliated. I have already brushed off my Repub Senator and do not intend to support him as I did in the past.

    My cousin (I have mentioned him here before; he was the Commander of the NG at Ft. Bragg) and I have been having some discussions recently on all of this. He also is doing what he can to educate the black community about the Dems. Here is an excerpt:

    “I have talked with several black people and even though they don’t like O’bumma, they are still lending that way because they think the Rep’s are against them and they think Rep’s have all the money — brained washed just like Cain told them. I have proven to two black families so far that they are wrong and they have already started turning others around. None of them didn’t know that Abe Lincoln was a Rep and it was the Rep’s that lead the cause to free the slaves and I also proved to them that the Dems have fought hard to keep their race on the plantation (Johnson’s Civil Rights Bill of 64) — they understood that talk. I gave them the stats on congress and who has the most money — 90% of Wall Street are Dems and they gave millions to elect O’bumma and are still supporters of him.”

    I, too, have been talking to those in my community as well. There IS a lot of discontent with BO, but from the standpoint that he is not doing anything for them. That is where I get them every time, it should not be just for them, but for America as a whole. Then I ask them why they think they should get “special” treatment; do they not think that there are poor and elderly white folks who are going through the same thing they are. They never even give me an answer to that one. I truly believe it is just the ones in the inner cities that feed off the govt who want to keep the Dems in office. Many are afraid to take the chance to select someone else who just may get them out of poverty and govt dependence; yet there are just as many who don’t want to get off that bandwagon. Well if they keep on, the bandwagon will crumble right out from under them; then where will they be.

    My bottom line – if there is NO major change in the current election candidate’s ideas – then I am not voting in the primaries.

  98. Katie says:

    I’ve always said Palin’s biggest battle will be with the GOP and media. I personally think they are the ones that threatened her and that’s why she backed off the GOP nomination.

    It could be as simple as her not ‘endorsing’ anyone who isn’t a conservative. That would eliminate 99% of the candidates, and like it or not, they NEED her.

    I’m done with supporting straight R tickets – I’ve learned too much to put that genie back in the bottle.

    I’m not sure what “unconventional” means, but it won’t be dull!

  99. Troy says:

    Or maybe she has the inside scoop that there isn’t going to be an election and therefore not wasting her time, money and resources on running.

  100. Dora says:

    We keep focusing on the republicans who are disgusted but now there’s a whole PUMA movement who is just as disgusted with the Dems.

    Hubby and I are doing some Saturday shopping, so I’ve been running in and out. I haven’t had a chance to read all the comments or watch Troy’s video. I did want to mention something though.

    The PUMAS can’t stand obama for what he did to Hillary and they want him to lose as much as we do. But from what I’ve seen of their websites, most of them would never vote for a pro-life candidate. Regardless of what they say now in their anger, when the times comes to vote, most of them put the abortion issue above everything else.

    That’s my view anyway.

    Gotta go now. BBL.

  101. Troy says:

    most of them would never vote for a pro-life candidate. Regardless of what they say now in their anger, when the times comes to vote, most of them put the abortion issue above everything else.
    It seems they’re suffering from severe paranoia since no republicxan president has ever challenged Roe v Wade, and they never will.

  102. cjzak says:

    Hi!! Just watche# this. These guys are great. There is nothing to #o but laugh at the clueless protesters an# these fellas keep it right on the mark by showing the humor an# ri#culousness of these fools. I especially like the way they owne# the guy who says he owns 67,000 shares of AT&T. I love it.

  103. jrCarolinas says:

    All those people in that video are totally clueless. They don’t even know why they are there. Guess it was something for them to do on a Saturday in DC.

  104. jrCarolinas says:

    UFO visits town on Colombia’s Caribbean

    The unidentified light source has allegedly been wreaking havoc with the 7PM television slot, by causing what Villalobos calls “a drop in voltage” with television sets.

  105. cjzak says:

    This is what China is #oing. What are we #oing again? Telling the whole worl# how many nuclear weapons we have or something like that? Yeah we’re really going to change the way the worl# sees us. Too ba# we’re going to be sitting #ucks.

  106. jrCarolinas says:

    Iran’s supreme leader calls U.S. accusations meaningless

    “It is a comedy show fabricated by America,”

    The current administration has made America a laughing stock.

  107. Dora says:

    The ‘Doomsday Comet’ Elenin will make its closest approach to earth tomorrow.

    The comet started breaking up in August after being blasted by a huge solar storm so tomorrow, when it comes to within 22 million miles of earth, it will be a stream of debris rather than an intact comet.

  108. jrCarolinas says:

    Purpose of FR and why we can never support Mitt Romney (Great article and I agree)

  109. cjzak says:

    This is what happens when the govt. runs any big program that’s suppose# to help all of us—-inevitable corruption of the system.

  110. cjzak says:

    The Lor# blaste# His fire an# save# us from oblivion. Elenin is no more. What about Niribu or was Elenin Niribu? What about 12/ 21 2012? Are we safe yet?

  111. cynkading says:

    Barely here.
    Suffering with a cold/throat infection thing.
    Kind of miserable.
    Lots of good info being posted. Thank you all for keeping us going here at Heyoka.
    going to bed soon……..zzzzzzzz

  112. Troy says:

    Tonight, I can hardly live with myself….I feel like a sorry rotten bastard….Today, I took Samson and his mama dog down to the animal shelter and put them both up for adoption….They looked at Samson and said that they didn’t think there would be a problem at all finding him a home….They said that his mama could probably be adopted too, as terrier type dogs seemed to adopt out pretty well…..All I can think about tonight is those two doggies penned up in a cage in a strange place….It just wasn’t working out over here with my three kitties and the dogs….I pray that they will both find new homes and preferably together…..God is not happy with me!….I feel sick!

  113. Cabby - AZ says:

    Oh, Troy, don’t beat up on yourself. I know you have a very tender heart and wanted to do the very best for your pooches, but it just didn’t work out. God is not unhappy with you; He loves us regardless of the doubts we have from time to time as to whether we did the right thing. This is a sad time for you, but there are brighter days ahead, and, no doubt, the doggies will get adopted out.

    Being penned up for awhile isn’t as bad to them as we feel that it is, because they don’t really think like we do. You’ve got to remember that you took Samson out of the goodness of your heart, and he just didn’t fit in the way he should. You could never have had any foreknowledge that the kitties and he could not get along. “This, too, shall pass”, but in the meantime take heart that you have done the very best that you could and much better than most.

  114. Dora says:

    On this Sunday morning, please pray for our country…

    …and for the whole world.

  115. Dora says:

    Troy says: October 15, 2011 at 1:26 pm
    It seems they’re suffering from severe paranoia since no republicxan president has ever challenged Roe v Wade, and they never will.

    No one has directly challenged it yet, but laws are being passed in various states and now in congress to end the funding of abortions by taxpayers. The PUMAs are upset with these changes. They do not want any candidates in office who they think will deprive them of their ‘reproductive rights’.

    HR 358 was passed in the house last Wednesday. We can be sure that if it ever reaches the WH obama will veto it. That wouldn’t be as certain if a pro-life candidate wins the election.

    House Votes To Protect Life:

  116. jrCarolinas says:

    Troy – you did the right thing with Samson and his Mama. I give you A for effort that you tried this long to make things work. Some things are not meant to be. Don’t you feel bad about it because I know that you tried. For some reason I find it to be easier to introduce a kitty into a household of dogs than the other way around. I feel confident that they will be adopted; but it would sure be nice if they were together. God will watch over them and he will you too.

  117. jrCarolinas says:

    Like Dora – please pray for our Nation and the entire world. We are in deep trouble folks and I feel it will get much worse. So with that being said, I am off to Sunday School and Church with a prayer in my heart for all of you as well (and a special prayer for Samson and his Mama).

  118. Dora says:

    The World Has Gone Mad –

    And It’s Because of Progs!

  119. jrCarolinas says:

    Just got back from Church. I am amazed, our choir and pastor were discussing the election and NOT a one supports Cain or Romney; think there were some who were Perry fans. And – I did not bring it up first, but you know I got my 2 cents in. :) Of course, I did tell them to be very wary of certain candidates who were not who they seem to be. I told them that my best advice was that they needed to research those top runners very carefully and that I did not plan on voting for them until I am faced with no choice other than between BO and one of them.

  120. jrCarolinas says:

    This whole anti-wall street thing is getting on my last nerve. It needs to be anti-government control. Until the people start standing up to that, I could care less. Of course I do believe that some of these protesters think this is the main agenda. It even hit NC this weekend in the larger cities, but not in my little town.

    CW has an article on the Greensboro protest. Sounds like it was well organized with no trouble.

  121. jrCarolinas says:

    The Exasperation of the Democratic Billionaire

    ‘It’s as if he doesn’t like people,” … Barack Obama doesn’t seem to care for individuals, elaborates Mr. Zuckerman, though the president enjoys addressing millions of them on television.

  122. jrCarolinas says:

    Cain acknowledges a ’9-9-9′ tax hike

    “Some people will pay more. But most people will pay less,” Cain, a former chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza who has never held elected office, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” program.

  123. jrCarolinas says:

    Cain Says His Deadly Fence Plan Was ‘a Joke’

    At two campaign rallies in Tennessee on Saturday night, the Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said that part of his immigration policy would be to build an electrified fence on the country’s border with Mexico that could kill people trying to enter the country illegally.

    But by Sunday morning, in a dramatic change of tone, Mr. Cain, a former restaurant executive, said he was only kidding.

    Two different rallies and never once after saying it did he say it was a joke and didn’t do so until the next day – This man is NOT to be trusted – sorry for those of you who think he is top notch. I am just not grabbing that hook. Securing our border is not something to be joked about. America doesn’t need a sense of humor at this juncture, we need real, serious leadership. We already have a joker in the WH and don’t need another one.

    Furthermore, I am all for people coming to this country legally and coming with the intention of becoming Americans and contributing to this society. I am not for illegals and freeloaders who do nothing but bring us down. You want to come to America – do it the right way or keep out.

  124. jrCarolinas says:

    Sorry I am on my soapbox – but what Cain did really pizzed me off and I will never take to heart anything else he utters.

  125. Troy says:

    Electrified fence sounds just dandy to me!

  126. Dora says:

    Michelle Bachmann is going to join Donald Trump for a televised townhall:

    I don’t know what to make of it. Guess I’ll have to tune in tomorrow.

  127. cjzak says:

    I too, think the electric fence part is just about right. They will soon get the message to stay home. Not kill them of course, just a little shock to their systems for a bit of inspirational e#ucation to get the “f” out of our country until they come in the legal way. It’ll never happen though. The libs woul# have a huge hissy fit if something like that was propose#. I guess I’m really not serious about the electrify thingy—well maybe sort of serious, lol.

  128. KoolAid_Free_Lexi says:

    Hi Everyone!

    Just stopped by to check in for a sec. I’ve been super busy for the last few wks and it’s going to be this way for a while. Thanks for keeping a light on for me, Tribe!

    cyk, I hope you feel better soon, and zak, hope you can get your keyboard fixed for a reasonable price.

    Troy the Lord says ….
    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

    I would say that the feelings your having or more likely from the accuser aka satan than from God. Everyone here knows your compassion towards animals and your loved ones. Whatever you did you did in hopes for something better for those doggies and you have nothing to feel guilty about!

  129. cjzak says:

    This article sure puts the right spin on what these protesters are in reality—out in lala lan#. They think they know it all but are surely mistaken. Someone shoul# han# this out to them. Probably woul#n’t get through their ‘wee# haze’ into their pea brains though.

  130. cjzak says:

    This is a great post I foun over at GP. Valerie hits a himerun here explaining what an why Obama’s plan to share the wealth is not going to work–ever.

    “Of course he believes in “redistribution of wealth” — we all do. The big question is, who decides who must give, and how much?

    Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians and TEA Partiers all believe in charitable giving — that is, voluntary giving at an individual’s discretion.

    Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians and TEA Partiers also believe in taxation by the government to support various public goods — the common defense, infrastructure, and public safety, for example.

    Socialists and Communists say they believe in involuntary giving by productive individuals to unproductive individuals, at the discretion of bureaucrats, all in the interest of “fairness.”

    The objection that Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians and TEA Partiers have to the formulation of forced giving in the interest of “fairness” as decided by bureaucrats is that it has never been made to work, that is, it has never done any good for the alleged recipients, in any society. It does, however, tend to enrich the politically connected at the expense of the alleged recipients, and it tanks a country’s economy.”

  131. cjzak says:

    ‘home run not himerun’ sorry!

  132. A Crazy Old Coot says:

    jrCarolinas says:
    October 16, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    He could not have been serious. An electric fence that kills someone? Come on. Of course he had to explain later that it was a joke, the libs always take anything a conserative says as serious.

    I could go along with an electric fence with an alarm attached. But not one that could kill people or animals.

    I’m sorry if you took his comment the wrong way.

  133. jrCarolinas says:

    Coot – the point is he said it – TWICE, the folks there believed it, and it was initially reported that way yesterday. He should have immediately said, “hey folks, that was suppose to be a joke”, but he DID NOT – why??? because the crowd was applauding him up one side and down the other. Then he comes out the next day and says it was a joke. Sorry not buying it. I am not saying I want a fence that kills people or animals either, but nothing wrong with a good old electric fence that gives a person a good jolt. However, an electric fence is not the answer. It’s called surveillance. Think how many jobs that would create.

    He would have garnered more support if he had just come out and said this morning he made a mistake and didn’t really mean that.

    The real problem with after-the-fact – not everyone will have seen the show this morning or even read about it.

  134. jrCarolinas says:

    RE: the libs always take anything a conserative says as serious.

    I am not a lib and if a person is running for president of the US, he needs to be serious. Our nation is in too much trouble for jokes and making light of a very bad time. I want someone to provide answers not jokes.

  135. Troy says:

    Thanks, everyone, but I still feel like a crumb bumb….Even though things are much more peaceful around here I can’t quit thinking about them….If they don’t get adopted out they get euthanized….I don’t know how long they get before that happens….I know Samson will get adopted, but I’m not sure about his mama….She is not a very good looking dog, but she is super nice.

  136. cynkading says:

    Troy, It will be ok. I have to agree with Lexie.Satan is trying to mess with your head. I also believe that both the mama and Samson will get adopted. We have a local animal shelter and they have a facebook site and you would not believe how many of these dogs are adopted from pictures being posted on facebook. Cheer up my friend and do not let Satan steal your joy.

  137. cynkading says:

    I know that you are not a fan of facebook and I am not very happy about all of the spying that they are doing, but it can be used in a very good way. You might inquire as to if the local animal shelter is on facebook. Chances are they probably are. I rarely say anything on Facebook, I just keep up with my kids. I also do a little spying. ;)

  138. jrCarolinas says:

    Troy sure wish I lived near – I would have taken the mama rather than there be a chance that she would be put down. You would be surprised that a gentle dog like that is what an older person who needs a companion is looking for. My Mom adopted an older dog, we only had her for a year then she passed away; she was about knee high and wasn’t under Mom’s feet and definitely was a great companion for her. I am praying that she too finds a home. But I am glad things are getting back to normal for the kitties and you.

  139. cynkading says:

    Stayed home from church tonight. Still not feeling too good. Whatever this stuff is is in my chest. I am hoping that it is not some of that stuff I had last year about this time. It took me a good 6 months to finally kick it.

    I am just kicking it here at the house all by myself. Hubby went to church and after goes to the county jail to preach to the inmates. I always love hearing his stories when he comes home. He says that when they have song service before the preaching, it is just awesome. It is all accapella. (spelling??) He says the inmates really get into the singing and praising the Lord.

    Anyhoo, I am going to go surf the blogs….


  140. jrCarolinas says:

    A doomsday date for your diary! World ‘will end on Friday’ says preacher who claims the Apocalypse has arrived

    Bed-ridden Camping, who suffered a stroke soon after ‘Judgment Day’, said: ‘We can be sure that the whole world [will be annihilated] on 21 October 2011.’

  141. jrCarolinas says:

    cynka – hope you don’t have that mess again either. I have been wanting to cough a little bit the last couple of days myself. I attribute it to allergies, but who knows.

  142. A Crazy Old Coot says:

    jrCarolinas says:
    October 16, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    My plan for the border: Former and retired military are allowed to camp on the border in all states and man armed outposts with permission to shoot to warn, then to wound and finally to stop at all costs!! We could even supply our own ammo and weapons.

    Just a thought!

  143. jrCarolinas says:

    Coot – Now you are talking – I like that idea. :) Like I said, this would be something that could give needed jobs and it would work.

  144. cjzak says:

    Another great article about the Occupiers. This poor little rich guy that is the subject of this article–Johnson of the family Johnson&Johnson– shoul# give his money away. Plenty of us will make excellent use of it to stimulate the economy. Honestly, some of these lefties have some big mental issues that nee# to be taken care of. Sheesh. The comments are terrific by the way.

  145. jrCarolinas says:

    Another thing too, this would clearly send a message that we are putting a grinding halt to illegal entry. You want to come here – do it the right way.

  146. cynkading says:

    Troy, My all time favorite 70′s song………

  147. cynkading says:

    I can’t wait for a big snowstorm, rainstorm, frost, freeze, mosquitoes, fleas, whatever it takes to clean these fleas away from these protest sites.Sorry, Dora and Cj. I realize you are not in a any way ready for the four letter word that starts with s and ends in w. Fleas are an accurate description. They feed of off the blood of others.

    I am totally bored with the whole mess. I don’t even give much of a thought to any of them whatsoever. These protestors will eventually go away.

  148. jrCarolinas says:

    :lol: Cynka – tell us how you really feel – “S” “W” – I was thinking more along the lines of BLIZZARD

  149. cynkading says:

    jr, I am paying attention to the candidates but I am like Troy with the voting for ABO. I was a little excited about Cain but you know as well as I do that his connections to the Fed are what nixes it for me. So far you can put all of them in a bag shake it up and pull one out you get the same results.

  150. cynkading says:

    Speaking of weather, we are supposed to get down in the 30′s this week. It was 90 today…….No wonder everyone is sick….

  151. jrCarolinas says:

    Well I WAS very excited about Cain in the beginning even if he “WAS” on the board of the Fed Reserve in Kansas (I was willing to give him benefit of the doubt). I thought here is a man who would put an end to all this racism talk and he is smart too boot, unlike the usurper. I have since become very disappointed because his true colors (not racial) are definitely coming to the surface the more I hear him.

  152. jrCarolinas says:

    BUT – to each his own opinion. I have to agree it doesn’t matter who is in that bag – they all have their “hidden” agenda.

  153. jrCarolinas says:

    Did you all see the crash at the Indy 500 – they were lucky that only one was killed. That was a very bad scene.

  154. cynkading says:

    The 999 thing bothers me as well. Sounds good on the surface but once implemented there is no way it will be removed. I am totally disgusted with all of the choices.

    o/t Why is congress not doing anything about our troops being sent to Uganda??? I think we all need to tell our reps that they are worse than useless and they just need to pack up and go home. They have been neutered. They are useless and are allowing a full blown dictator to emerge. Something has got to give……

  155. jrCarolinas says:

    Let me tell you something about this latest move of our troops – It will be bloody. Those people down there are very ruthless – just look at what happened in Somalia. Folks only saw what was televised, I saw the bodies of those who came back and it broke my heart as those men were good and decent friends and acquaintances who I saw on a daily basis. The funeral homes could only do so much to cover up.

  156. A Crazy Old Coot says:

    Remember Viet Nam. That started with advisors too. As for congress, they are a bunch of yeller belly cowards! Just my opinion.

  157. Dora says:

    Cynka – ordinarily I would tell you to bite your tongue! I don’t even want to think about that horrible S word! Especially now when we’ve been having such gorgeous weather.

    Unfortunately, nice weather does have its disadvantages – it brings out all the fleas. So, I reluctantly agree that we need some of the white stuff to rid the city of the latest plague.

    In fact, I tend to agree with jr. It might just take a blizzard to get rid of them all!

  158. Dora says:

    Kenya sends its forces into Somalia
    Kenya launched a military incursion against an Islamist militant group in Somalia on Sunday in retaliation for a wave of kidnappings of foreigners that has blighted its tourism industry.

    There is nothing here that makes mention of Uganda or the troops that obama just sent there. But a nagging feeling in my gut tells me there is a connection.

    Get our soldiers out of there now!

  159. jrCarolinas says:

    While I knew this, some of you may not – RE different versions of the Bible, specifically the NIV:

    The publishing company of the NIV, Zondervan, is owned by the parent company, Harper Collins. Harper Collins also publishes The Satanic Bible and The Joy of Gay Sex. Rupert Murdoch owns these companies.

    Printing the Word of God as well as the Satanic Bible seems like a conflict of interest, spiritually, Are they watering down the power of the Word and deceiving the readers with those translations?


  160. cynkading says:

    Morning good people….

    My thought on bible versions is that I do not read anything but the KJV. I saw a dvd about 3 years ago that goes into detail about other versions. In order to print another version they have to change the wording and many times the changes are referring to Jesus. Very subtly reworded. One example is the word spirit. In the bible, spirit can mean different things. When capitalized it is referencing the Holy Spirit. Another example is when him is used.

    I will try and find out who produced the dvd and post the findings. After watching the dvd, it was as if a light bulb went off in my head and I totally understood how and why it is so important to stay with as close the KJV as possible. I have several versions but only use KJV. I hear others say that they don’t like the thees and thous and therefores. There is a reason why they are there.

    Ok, I will get off my box…. a little too much coffee this morning. I needed some extra because I have a Nyquil hangover…….

    Stop the Walgreens flu shot harassment! Employees rewarded with iPads for meeting vaccination recruitment goals?

    Learn more:

  161. cynkading says:

    Thousands of fraud cases just ‘tip of iceberg’
    New warning of ‘total breakdown in cohesion of American society’

    Read more: Thousands of fraud cases just ‘tip of iceberg’

  162. cynkading says:

    Troy, your communist by proxy is famous. Hee hee
    Read this at comment at Trevor Loudon’s blog……

    Romanticpoet says:
    October 14, 2011 at 5:11 am

    By condoning the acts of these Marxists “encamping” in Freedom Plaza and the Parks Department not enforcing the law against protesters erecting tents, living there, etc., the Obama Administration can all claim to be Marxists by proxy.

    The elections in 2012 will NOT be Democrat vs. Republican; it WILL BE Marxism/Communism and tyranny vs. Liberty and Freedoms.

  163. cynkading says:

    sorry marxist by proxy.

  164. cjzak says:

    Well learn something new every#ay. I wasn’t aware there was such a thing as the Satanic Bible. Who the heck wrote that?

  165. cjzak says:

    Not to bring the eligibility subjcet up again but this is too important to pass up. The willful ignorance of our Constitution is appalling. They are setting this meme up early in the election cycle for a reason. This clown shoul# be calle# out on this asap. They know very well what they are trying to prove. The #istrotion of the facts is being carrie# out to make sure everyone thinks the language of the supreme Law of the country is not really what it says, or that it means something it #oesn’t. Set-up folks. Fight it everyway you can.

  166. cjzak says:

    ‘subject, #istortion–one han# types faster than the other. Sheesh, sorry!

  167. cjzak says:

    Goo# stuff from Mario Apuzzo re the nbc issue:

  168. KoolAid_Free_Lexi says:

    Anton LaVey wrote the satanic bible, cj and he founded the church of satan. My understanding is that died broke and diseased.

  169. cjzak says:

    Thanks Lexi for the info!

    He’s not my favorite Repub running for Pres., but he sure says alot of things I agree with. At least he is another who actually puts something in writing for all to stu#y. Thank you for that RP.

  170. Dora says:

    “The UN is, at best, the collective negation of humanity. The reality is that it has become the headquarters of the modern universal caliphate, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The American people are funding this supremacist monster. The backroom drama over this funding is heating up between Hillary Clinton and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen”.

    I’ve been hoping for years that someone would have the courage to do this. In my opinion, the UN is a cesspool into which the Americans keep throwing their money.

    Support Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

  171. jrCarolinas says:

    I just finished burning a HUGE pile of debris with the help of my future son-in-law. I am deathly afraid of burning stuff and I only do small little piles that I can handle. This one was way too big for me, so I called him first thing this morning and said the wind will be minimal today I need to get that debris pile burned. It is all done thank the Lord. I was covered in soot from head to foot. Now if I can just keep myself from throwing stuff back in that area as this makes the 3rd time I have had to burn that area.

    Thanks Lexi for the info on who wrote the satanic bible. I didn’t have time to look it up this morning after reading the article I posted. I personally do not own an NIV bible, but rather a King James, a New King James, American Standard and a Living Bible. I like the KJ and the NKJ the best. But sometimes when I quote a verse here on the blog, I do use the NIV if it says the same thing as the KJ, but in simpler words to get the point across. If not or it takes away from the meaning, I use the KJ version.

    I will try and put up a new thread later this evening.

  172. cynkading says:

    Private Emails Show Anti-Capitalism Protesters Sought To Sell Occupy Wall Street Merchandise For (Gasp) Profit…

  173. cynkading says:

    These are the people Obama and the Democrats want to tie their wagon to. Gotta love it.

  174. cynkading says:

    Too Funny: White House Insists Obama’s Bus Tour Isn’t Political…

  175. cynkading says:

    The devil speaking right out of her mouth……..This is what my husband said when I read him what this spawn of the devil said.

    The comments are good too.
    Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: Abortions Are a “Needed Action,” Heartbeat of Babies In The Womb Are Just “Sounds”…

  176. cjzak says:

    OMG Cynka I am beyon# pisse# at that post re Jackson-Lee. I’# like to tie her up in a surgery room for a week where these horrific acts take place an# let her hear the soun#s some of those little ones make as they are hurt an# thrown away by their mothers an# the physicians who perform these abominable acts of mur#er. Oh Lor# forgive me the violent thoughts I’m having about this so-calle# human being. Too ba# her mother wasn’t one of those who took this action. Forgive me Heyokas for saying that. She will get her rewar#s in the en# I know, but I cannot think of this person without having that kin# of reaction. She is a horrible person.

  177. A Crazy Old Coot says:

    Another traitor in our non-judicial system.

    Monday, October 17, 2011

    Judge Lamberth Kills Taitz v Astrue and Taitz v Ruemmler Killing November Hearing in Hawaii
    ObamaRelease YourRecords on 2:06 PM

    Judge Lamberth Kills Both Taitz v Astrue and Taitz v Ruemmler Killing The November Court Hearing in Hawaii

  178. cjzak says:

    Whatever else he may be, Cain sure puts on a show an# connects with people. If he sings his way through the campaign, he will have a whole bunch of people following right along. They love this guy. Fun stuff!

  179. Troy says:

    To tell you the truth, I’m highly insulted by the singing nonsense…..This is suppose to be serious business….IT IS SERIOUS BUSINESS and he is trying to turn the process of electing our nation’s president into freakin’ American Idol….Like I said before – a freakin’ slick ass used car salesman.

    The very last thing I want to see is the possible next president of the US on TV singing…..It insults the position of POTUS and it’s a freakin embarassment.

  180. Troy says:

    It will eventually get to where every election will have a talent segment like a freakin’ beauty pagent and if it just so happens that you want to be president, but don’t have a special talent to entertain the masses, then tough – you can’t get elected.

    I’m insulted and pissed!

  181. jrCarolinas says:

    RE: WS Insider

    they have been told to let it happen.

    Ulsterman: What? Let what happen?

    WSI: The violence that is coming. What some want to see happen. As I told you, the tone that came back from those calls made to the White House – it was…oddly indifferent. That indifference tells me they have decided to push these protests to the brink. I don’t entirely understand why…why they would be willing to do so – and that frightens me.

    That is so Martial Law can be declared and NO ELECTION.

  182. Dora says:

    Troy -that’s some frightening report.

    I know we’ve talked about it, read about it, listened to Glen Beck predict it, but now it seems to be here.

    Crowds roaming around in NYC and other cities. Nobody in authority to stop them. In fact the occupation of Zucotti Park and the Wall Street area seems to be the new norm. People are learning to live it it! That’s really strange and scary.

    Oh how I wish someone could stop that madman in the WH!

  183. jrCarolinas says:

    I agree Troy on Cain – He is NOT serious enough about this election IMHO. I have talked to a few more people today around here, NONE of them like Cain.

  184. Dora says:

    Troy – don’t get upset with Cain’s song. That video is 20 years old. It was a commercial for his pizza chain that someone dug up.

  185. cjzak says:

    OT: If anyone is intereste# in an article re flu vaccinations I thought this was a goo# one.

  186. cjzak says:

    Awww c’mon Troy. Herman’s just having a fun time. He’s a goo# singer. I kin# of like someone being a bit human when they tackle this whole campaign thing. Nothing wrong with that. It’ll be apparent soon enough if Cain can show he is serious enough to be Pres. We just have to hope people who vote are serious about the whole thing an vote the way they shoul#. I like the singing!! He sang the ‘pizza’ song long ago when he was the ‘pizza man’ corporate CEO extro#anaire. Pretty clever song imo.

  187. Troy says:

    Troy – don’t get upset with Cain’s song. That video is 20 years old. It was a commercial for his pizza chain that someone dug up.
    Ok, I see, but he did, not all that long ago, sing on the campaign trail or maybe it was at a Tea Party event before he announced…..I hope he doesn’t start making a habit of it as it REALLY turns me off…..There is a time for fun and games and there is a time for extreme seriousness….Our country is going down the drain and it is not time for singing presidential candidates…..In fact, it’s time for a candidate to step up and have a very frank talk with the sheeple and inform them that their freakin American idol lifestyle is about to be ripped out from under them…..It’s time for someone to step up and give the sheeple a right hook to the jaw and wake their asses up instead of trying to spare them the anguish of knowing their world is getting ready to crumble….About half the country doesn’t even know there is a problem.

  188. Cabby - AZ says:

    Herman Cain is NOT divine! None of us mortals is. My personal evaluation is “wait and see” awhile longer.. If we are not careful, we are going to get so absolutely judgmental that an angel from heaven (if it were possible) would be rejected for some flaw. We tend to be fickled and at times rash in our evaluations. There will be no perfect Republican candidate and, imho, we might as well get used to it now.

    First of all, we are too far down the tubes to expect any incoming replacement of Obama to right the Ship of State immediately. We have been eaten from within for far too long.

    Secondly, and probably most importantly, tell me why we as a nation deserve the blessings and mercy of Almighty God, when for almost forty years we have legally sanctioned the killing of over
    fifty million unborn babies? What wanton sin! What gross arrogance!! This is, without doubt, our national sin and we are unrepentant of it. So why should God intervene for us, unless he continues to show us mercy? This country is ripe for judgment. This is a sad, sad situation, but it is not too late for national repentance. Maybe we will have to endure some terribly rough times in order to get our attention. That’s what is on my heart tonight.

  189. Cabby - AZ says:

    Permit me to share part of an article that I have saved for many years. It appeared in our town newspaper as a preview of a message to be given by a local pastor. “God’s Wrath” was the title of the sermon.

    On Christmas Eve 1989, (per a previous article in Reader’s Digest) a young woman doctor was on duty at the government hospital where she worked in China. Earlier a young peasant woman had been brought in for a forced abortion. Someone had notified authorities that this was a second pregnancy, which was eight months along, and she was placed under house arrest. It is a serious crime to have more than one child in China.

    Somehow the technician who performed the abortion had botched the job. The live birth of a four- pound, eight ounce baby boy was the result. This child had beaten the odds.

    In her own words, the young doctor describes what happened next. “The full import of this moment became clear to me. As the obstetrician in charge, I had the duty of ensuring there were no abortion survivors. That meant an injection of 20 milliliters of iodine or alcohol into the infant’s head. It brings death within minutes.”

    When the mother saw what was about to happened, she looked at the doctor with pleading eyes. She knew what the needle meant. All women knew. “Have mercy,”, she cried. The baby’s father also approached the doctor and begged her to spare the child. This was the little boy whom he and his wife had longed for.

    The doctor decided to defy the law. As a matter of conscience she refused to kill this helpless infant. Her decision infuriated her superiors and she was threatened with severe punishment if she continued to “neglect her duty.”

    Having been on duty for 24 hours without a break, the doctor was physically exhausted and she was drained of whatever energy she had left. As a result she collapsed into unconsciousness on the floor. When she awoke, someone else had performed the awful task which she had so courageously refused to do. The baby was dead.”

    The pastor went on to say:
    “That sort of outrageous injustice should anger anyone who has even a spark of compassion in his soul. If it angers us, just think how much more must it anger God, Who is perfectly just and perfectly compassionate.

    The pastor added, “I wouldn’t want a God Who could nonchalantly ignore such appalling atrocities. Some people believe God is all love and no wrath, but the Bible says in Psalm 7:11 that God experiences righteous wrath and indignation every day. Some say God’s wrath is going to boil over and be poured out on all evil. That scene is graphically described in Revelation 15 and 16, which we will begin to study this Sunday.”

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